Marc Anthony Dishes On Casey Abrams’ ‘American Idol’ Save & Wife Jennifer Lopez’s Judging Skills

“American Idol” fans were stunned to see Casey Abrams in the bottom 3 on Thursday night and were even more shocked when the judges saved him – a surprise that also had judge Jennifer Lopez’s husband, Marc Anthony, reeling.

“Unbelievable, unbelievable! I’m still beside myself, what a night!” Marc told Access Hollywood backstage following Thursday’s show in Los Angeles.

“We thought [Casey] was going to have a heart attack. I was ready to run up and do my thing, help him out,” he said. “It’s anybody’s race at this point. I think that the level of talent this year is just unbelievable… it’s anybody’s race, I cannot believe that there’s going to be a bottom 3 ever, just none of them are worthy of the word ‘bottom’ anywhere near them.”

The “I Need To Know” singer was happy that the bearded soulful crooner was spared last night.

“I absolutely agree with the save, I think that Casey absolutely epitomizes what an artist is, what art is,” he continued. “It’s [an] unbridled approach to music and he’s a consummate, just, professional musician… I’m so glad that he’s going on tour as well…I think that’ll be a treat for the fans as well.”

The singer said Casey ending up in the bottom proves that the race for the “Idol” crown is up in the air.

“Yesterday I would have said, ‘Man, Casey’s really strong,’” he told Access. “Anybody could take it, there’s no doubt about it…God knows what’s going to happen [next] week.”

Marc explained that he is glad he took the long road to success, compared to the overnight stardom that the “Idol” contestants receive.

“I don’t know how healthy it would have been to take the fast track to fame. I mean, these kids being plucked from obscurity and becoming ‘Idols’ overnight, whether they win the competition or not, you know, they’re in 25 million households a night,” he said. “I don’t know… how healthy that is for 99.9 percent of the artists… I’m glad I had to fight the good fight and I’m here because I learned something along the way.”

Would Marc ever fill in for wife Jennifer at the judges’ table?

“They can’t afford me,” he joked. “Just kidding.”

Marc explained that he and his “Idol” judge wife usually see eye to eye when it comes to critiquing the contestants.

“Jennifer is spot on,” he said. " I think 99.9 percent of what she says I [agree with.]”

The singer, who also guest starred on TNT’s “HawthoRNe” in 2010, said wife J.Lo has trouble leaving her concern for the contestants at work.

“She’s really invested… I remember her coming home, I won’t mention who the contestant was, but she saw their knees shaking and that’s when she realized that she was shaking more than the actual contestant and she didn’t count on caring that much and she wanted them to be OK and she just – that’s what she struggles with the most,” he continued. “So, that’s when I knew that it was bigger than all of us… there’s nothing more fulfilling than coming home from work and knowing that you might… have sort of unlocked something that somebody was struggling with.”

Adding, “It’s really fulfilling for her, but it’s nerve wreaking because she wished that there was a top 40 all going on tour.”

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