Martha Stewart Calls Daughter Alexis’ Book ‘Hysterically Funny’

Alexis Stewart and Jennifer Koppelman-Hutt’s new book, “Whateverland: Learning to Live Here,” has been making headlines for poking fun at Martha Stewart, but the domestic goddess tells Access Hollywood that she loves the book.

Access’ guest correspondent Jill Martin caught up with Martha on Monday, where she dished on the book that has some people raising their eyebrows.

“I read it, I thought it was hysterically funny,” Martha said. “My friends were afraid to call me because they read about how it makes fun of me or how I turn the lights off on Halloween and lock the door.”

The lifestyle guru said many of the passages in the book are true, but written with a comedic tone.

“We did that one year when I had the flu for heaven’s sake and I couldn’t answer the door. And Alexis thought it was great fun to turn off all the lights and do that,” Martha recalled. “I look at [the book] as sort of a rite of passage with a lot of humor. They’re funny girls, I mean funny.”

Adding, “She’s a comic, will you get it through your heads! Alexis is funny, people laugh when she tells these stories. I laugh and I think, ‘God, did I really do something like that? Hmm, maybe I did.’”

As for one of the book’s now infamous excerpts where Alexis writes that she grew up “with a glue-gun pointed at my head,” Martha shot down the story with a laugh.

“There were no glue guns pointed at her head,” Martha told Jill. “It’s a figure of speech!”

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