Matt Damon Jokes About Being Directed By George Clooney: ‘It’s Not Going To Be Any Fun At All’

Matt Damon will fall under the direction of George Clooney in the upcoming World War II film, “The Monuments Men,” but the actor isn’t sure about working with his fellow thespian.

“It’s not going to be any fun at all,” Matt joked with Access Hollywood, at Tuesday night’s “Promised Land” premiere in New York City, referring to the news that George will be directing him in his next movie.

“No, I’m obviously really excited,” Matt continued. “It’s a really terrific project and so I’m obviously looking forward to it.”

The actor heads into the thriller having just completed – and last night premiered — his newest box office offering – “Promised Land,” with John Krasinski, which opens January 4, 2013 in theaters.

Matt and John wrote the film about Steve, a gas executive, who heads to his old home town to buy up the rights to the underground gas, just as Dustin (John) kicks off an environmental campaign to stop it.

Writing with someone other than his “Good Will Hunting” script co-writer, Ben Affleck, actually wasn’t that hard. Matt said he and John were able to find an honesty with each other while penning the script.

“You have to have a real shorthand with somebody you write with. You have to not be afraid to throw ideas out there and you have to not be afraid to be wrong. And if you can kind of lose all the diplomacy — which is really kind of a waste of time — and just be able to be brutally [honest] with one and other, you can get to the answer a lot quicker,” Matt said. “There’s a lot of humor involved and a lot of laughter and we just — the script just kept getting better and better and it really did remind me of writing with Ben.”

Matt calls finding that magic again in the “Promised Land” writing experience,luck.

“I’ve been so lucky. I’ve had two of the best ones I could have ever asked for in two script attempts, so that’s pretty great,” he said.

-- Jolie Lash

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