Matt Davis, Jessica Lucas Dish On The CW’s Dark New Drama, Cult

The CW launches its show-within-a-show — “Cult” — tonight, starring “The Vampire Diaries” alum Matt Davis as a journalist investigating the disturbing disappearance of his brother.

Very quickly, Matt’s character, Jeff, finds out that his brother was involved with a shadowy group of fans obsessed with a popular television program, which coincidentally, is also called “Cult.”

“It was a great opportunity because they had just written Alaric off [of ‘The Vampire Diaries’] and ‘Cult’ came around and it was probably the best script that I had read of the options that were sent to me and the fact that they made the offer to me was just, it was great,” Matt told “To do a show that’s intelligent and original and endeavors to do something that The CW has never done before, to me, was a pleasure and an honor to be a part of.”

WATCH: Cult Stars Jessica Lucas & Matt Davis Dish On Their New CW Series

The show will find Jeff teaming up with Skye, played by former “90210” and “Melrose Place” actress Jessica Lucas. Skye is a production assistant on “Cult,” and she’s someone who naturally has a suspicious nature.

“I think you’re gonna find out what Skye’s true motivation is — why she actually works on the show,” Jessica told Access. “Her father went missing at a very young age, so that’s part of her arc and part of the reason she works on ‘Cult’ to begin with and then his brother goes missing as a result of being [a] fan of the show and when he comes to investigate, we meet up and team up and he’s one of the only people that believes me.”

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“Prison Break’s” Robert Knepper plays a duel role on the drama – as actor Roger Reeves, who plays cult leader Billy Grimm in the fictional show-within-a show.

“He’s sort of like this Charles Manson-like figure who has this ranch and this farm and he sort of inducts people into this cult to do his bidding as all cult leaders do. And he’s very dangerous because he’s very charming,” Matt said of the Billy Grimm character, who has been featured in various promos across The CW.

Asked if he himself is fascinated by cults, Matt said it helped draw him to the show.

“That’s what I like about it, ultimately, because when you’re dealing with television, you’re dealing with the cult of personality,” he said. “It’s all really a cult, everything is a cult, on some level. Whether it’s politics or sports or music or television.”

Beginning tonight, “Cult” will air Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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