Matthew Fox: ‘I Was A Big Hell-Raiser’

Matthew Fox may have spent six seasons having wild adventures on “Lost,” but the star told the May 2010 issue of Playboy that his own life has had plenty of crazy moments as well.

“I was a big hell-raiser, always doing crazy s*** but always getting away with it,” he said of his childhood in Wyoming. “My mom and dad never knew about much of what I did. But one time I got into serious s*** with my old man was when I was trying to grow weed and he found it. We smoked pot and were goofing around with that kind of thing from a very early age.”

He added that he lost his virginity early – at age 12.

“I was 12. She was about two years older than me,” he said. “It wasn’t her first time… It happened literally on the ground by a river while a rodeo was going on in town…it was absolutely terrible and awkward.”

Now, though, the grown-up star told the mag he has the love of his life in wife Margherita – and denied a tabloid rumor from earlier this year that he’d cheated with a stripper.

“The story is not true, and I’m not going to comment on it.” he said. “Margherita and I have been best friends and best lovers. She’s the love of my life. We have managed to both be intensely independent and maintain that strength in our relationship. I am a man, and I am an appreciator of women. At the same time, Margherita is the s***. I can honestly say we’re good together. We’ve been together for 23 years, so let’s leave it at that.”

The star’s not often in the tabloids, and he said he prefers it that way.

“Whether it’s just in my head or true, I feel I fly under the radar. In my heart, if I ever got into a situation where paparazzi waited for me every single time I went anywhere, I would completely drop out,” he said, adding that he found being chosen as commencement speaker of his alma mater, Columbia University, in 2007, “crazy.”

“In the big scheme of things, what I do for a living is not an important thing,” he said. “I’m always surprised and stunned by how obsessed the world is with pop culture. You don’t even have to do anything anymore—just do a reality show and people will buy magazines to find out where you f****** go to eat.”

Nevertheless, no one would argue with Matthew’s stardom after six season of “Lost,” which concludes this year, and another longtime role on “Party of Five.”

“Close to 300 hours of television. That’s it for me,” he said. “‘Lost’ has been an incredible opportunity, but I don’t ever want to be committed to one single project for that amount of time again.”

Instead, the “Vantage Point” and “We Are Marshall” star said he’s looking forward to advancing his film career – and leaving “Lost’s” Hawaii sets behind for somewhere less tropical with his family.

“Oregon. I miss having four seasons,” he said. “My brothers are two of my closest friends in the world. I want to spend time with them and my mother while I can. I want our two kids to be close to their first cousins. It will be hard for the kids to leave their friends in Hawaii. They love it here, but with all respect to the good people of Hawaii who’ve been so good to us, I can’t wait to leave.”

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