Matthew Fox Slips Into His Dark Side & Tight Leather For ‘Speed Racer’

Matthew Fox’s upcoming role of Racer X in the high-speed summer blockbuster “Speed Racer,” took the actor to a dark place — and a tight one.

“He is a mass vigilante. He’s wearing leather, a very tight leather driving suit that turns into sort of a helmet visor,” Matthew told Access Hollywood.

The actor said prepping for the role kept him awake at night, but not because he was working out to fill out his tight leather racing suit.

“There are a lot of ways to play a character who’s shrouded in a leather suit,” Matthew said. “It could go bad.”

Matthew told Access that in order to pull off outlandish costume, he went to his own dark places.

“I had just complete faith in Larry & Andy Wachowski, and Kim Baret, who designed the suit, and everybody was contributing to what [the costume] would look like within the context of the world that they were building,” he said.

The key to Racer X was literally finding the character’s voice, according to Matthew.

“I worked really hard on the voice of a guy. I wanted to bring sort of a stylized thing to it,” he added.

But don’t expect Matthew to slip into his trademark Racer X voice on command.

“I can’t do it if I don’t have the suit. The suit is what does it. Drop the helmet on, suddenly the voice is there,” Matthew said.

Catch Matthew and Emile Hirsch (if you can) in “Speed Racer,” which zooms into theaters on May 9.

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