Matthew Perry & The Office Stars Spoof Angus T. Jones’ ‘Filth’ Rant

Angus T. Jones might have apologized for dubbing “Two and a Half Men” “filth” and urging viewers to stop watching his CBS sitcom, but that hasn’t stopped his fellow small screen stars from poking fun at the young actor’s rant.

“Go On” star Matthew Perry took to with his own video urging the public to stop watching his NBC sitcom.

“Do not watch ‘Go On’… because I think all of my TV shows are immoral, I’m going to give all the money back. I assume that is what Angus is going to do?” the actor said in the video.

“So all the money I’m making from ‘Go On,’ I’m giving it back. From ‘Mr. Sunshine,’ I’m giving it back. From ‘Studio 60,’ I’m giving it back,” he continued.

“What about ‘Friends’?” the actor is asked.

“What do you think I’m a [expletive] moron?! I’m having a spiritual awakening — I’m not a [expletive] idiot. I’m keeping the ‘Friends’ money. Don’t watch ‘Go On,’” he deadpans.

(Check out Matthew’s FunnyOrDie video, HERE!)

Matthew wasn’t the only NBC star having some fun with Angus’ video rant. “The Office’s” Rainn Wilson and Craig Robinson also posted their own video spoof.

“Dwight from ‘The Office’ is nothing, OK?” Rainn said seated next to his co-star in the video. “‘The Office’ is nothing, all right? If you watch ‘The Office,’ please don’t watch ‘The Office.’ I’m on ‘The Office.’ It’s filth. And that filth will rot your brain.”

Adding in yet another shameless plug for his sitcom, “Take it from me, who’s on ‘The Office,’ please don’t watch it, Thursday nights at 9 on NBC. Do not watch this final season or that filth will rot your brain. Seriously.”

(Check out Rainn and Craig’s video, HERE!)

As previously reported on, the 19-year-old released a statement following the release of his video rant.

“I apologize if my remarks reflect me showing indifference to and disrespect of my colleagues and a lack of appreciation of the extraordinary opportunity of which I have been blessed. I never intended that,” Angus said in a statement earlier this week.

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