‘McDreamy’ Takes Off His Scrubs

Patrick Dempsey is busy enjoying his plum role on “Grey’s Anatomy” and as Access’ Tony Potts found out on the set of his new movie, he’s not the only one.

Call it the “McDreamy” effect.

As Patrick shoots “Enchanted” with Oscar-nominated Amy Adams in Central Park — he sure does attract a crowd.

“I don’t notice a lot of male fans over there taking pictures,” Tony teased.

“No, they’re on the other side of the park,” Patrick laughed.

“Does the “McDreamy” title — do you still like it? Do you still get called it on the street?” Tony asked.

“I get called it on the street,” Patrick laughed. “I mean, you go into a restaurant and someone yells, ‘Hey, McDreamy!’ So that’s part of it. But it’s good. It could’ve been worse. At least that’s positive thing.”

But when we talked to Patrick, we realized, he doesn’t take it too seriously.

“I just want a hair campaign,” Patrick joked. “That’s all I’m going for right now in my life because I’m worth it.”

“Yeah, you should,” Tony laughed.

“I should do L’Oreal,” Patrick laughed. “I’ll just shake my hair back because I’m worth it. My love interest is right there. Amy, come in.”

But after he invited his co-star to join us, things did get a bit, uh, “touchy.”

“As one man to another, you’ve got good consistency,” said Tony, as he got to touch Patrick’s hair. “I’ve got thick hair too.”

In “Enchanted,” Patrick falls in love with Amy, who plays a cartoon character that comes to life.

It’s a Disney film — and a far cry from the sexy neurosurgeon Patrick plays on TV.

Case in point: the steamy love scene with Ellen Pompeo in last week’s “Grey’s” season finale!

“You have technicians around, it’s like 60 people,” Tony said.

“It’s like shooting a porno movie,” Patrick laughed. “It’s crazy. With your clothes on.”

“In fact, in a final episode, you even, when it was cut, you can see you guys laughing,” Tony joked.

“Everybody is just looking at their watches,” Patrick explained. “When is this going to be over so we can just get home? Can we just get home?”

“So, you have that kind of pressure on you,” Patrick laughed. “You know — where do the panties drop? Where’s the light? No, no, move the knee. Move the knee. No, the other knee.”

Sounds like fun, right?

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