McPhee Talks Makeovers & Men

LOS ANGELES (May 25, 2006) — Regardless of the ?American Idol? results, Katharine McPhee has had the time of her life!

And ?Idol?s? runner-up joined Access? Nancy O?Dell on Stage One after the gigantic finale!

?I am so happy to be at Access Hollywood!? Katharine announced.

?Do you realize when you sang that song, there were 43 million people watching you?? Nancy asked. ?That?s more than the Oscars.?

Katharine laughed delightedly.

And what a journey for the 22-year-old Katharine growing up a stones throw from Hollywood. Her mother is a voice coach who let her daughter do all the school plays and recitals, all the way to ?Idol.?

And Access Hollywood.

?It’s so surreal to be here, I watch Access Hollywood all the time,? Katharine said.

You had to get a cortisone shot before the show last night, asked Nancy, referring to Katharine’s sore throat.

?Yes, I had to,? Katharine said.

?I can tell you’re a little hoarse today,? Nancy said. ?Did you think, is it going to be my name read??

?No, I looked over at Ryan’s cue cards, they were blank,? Katharine explained.

?You have a boyfriend named Nick?? Nancy asked.

?I do have a boyfriend, and we both live in L.A., so its’ not a problem,? Katharine said. ?His name is Nick Cokis.?

?You’re trying to keep the private life private,? Nancy said.

?Well, I’m just trying to find my way in this business,? Katharine laughed.

?You’re Jennifer Aniston all of a sudden,? Nancy laughed. ?You’re still letting them know, maybe I’m available, maybe I’m not.?

?You’re always available, until you have a ring on your finger, you’re always available,? Katharine laughed.

?Don’t tell your boyfriend that,? Nancy laughed. ?I’m just kidding!  I’m kidding!?

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