Mel B. Goes On The Record About Eddie Murphy

Melanie Brown went on “Larry King Live” last night to discuss the “extremely disrespectful” treatment she feels she’s received from Eddie Murphy in the paternity saga of their daughter, 4-month old Angel Iris.

“I think the most important thing to me is that Angel knows her dad,” she told King. “And her daddy is Eddie Murphy, and she has every right to know who he is.”

Brown had long contended that Murphy was the father of her 4-month-old daughter, Angel Iris, but it wasn’t until last week that Murphy formally acknowledged paternity after reportedly submitting to a DNA test in June.

“Even when the DNA test results were in there was still nothing further said, which I found baffling,” she told King. “After all this, and still nothing? It’s unacceptable.”

Brown filed a Superior Court petition on August 1 seeking to legally establish Murphy as the father of Angel Iris, and requesting reasonable child support.

“I wish we could handle it privately,” she told King, but said that his former denials to the press that it was definitely his baby forced her hand. “Of course I’m going to stand up for myself,” she said.

Melanie told King that Murphy hasn’t seen Angel, or asked about her health, or paid any attention to her at all. She explained why she didn’t take the matter to court sooner:

“I was waiting and hoping that he would do what he said he was going to do which was take care of the situation and be responsible. I believed that.”

Even though Murphy has stated that the pregnancy wasn’t planned, Melanie assured King that it was.

“Listen, I have an 8-year-old. I’m not about to just have a baby by accident,” she said. “I’m a very responsible parent. We both sat down and planned it.”

“But you didn’t plan to be married?” King asked.

“Yes, we didn’t make set in stone plans to be married but we definitely spoke about it,” she replied, adding, “Our relationship may have been brief, but it was intense and we were very much in love and wanted to have a family together. That’s that. I mean we’re both tattooed. You don’t tattoo somebody’s name on your body if it’s brief and unimportant, let’s put it that way.”

And how does she feel about Eddie now?

“I think he’s a great guy,” she said. “At the end of the day the person that I fell in love with was amazing. The person that I know now, and seeing his actions and what he’s saying and the way he’s conducting himself…I’m kind of appalled.”

It was revealed on Wednesday that Melanie had secretly wed her longtime friend, Stephen Belafonte, in June. Melanie told King the reason behind keeping the marriage under wraps:

“We wanted it to be a private thing right now, and a commitment just for me and him. That was important.”

As for the headline-making lunch last week between Melanie and Eddie’s ex-wife, Nicole Mitchell Murphy (who has five children with him), Mel said it was for the sake of her daughter.

“My whole thing is that I want Angel to know her brothers and sisters. And that’s important to me and it’s important to Nicole. And she’s a great woman, by the way. She’s lovely.”

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