Melissa Joan Hart’s ‘Dancing’ Blog: 1 Week Down, 9 To Go! (9/21)

What a crazy week it was. The nerves backstage were out of control.

It’s so funny how every different human handles high-pressure situations. Debi and Kelly and I like to have nervous chatter while Kathy and Natalie really like to focus and stay calm it seems. Even the pros each handle it a little different. Derek gets silly while Mark gets very internal and serious.

It was such a thrill to survive week one. I feel so proud of myself for going out there and getting through both routines without missing a step. There is such a huge level of expectation from the audience but also from you. In all my rehearsals on stage or in front of people I could not stop the uncontrollable shaking from the adrenaline my body was over producing.

But as the scary announcer man said my name and I knew it was show time, my body became relaxed and I was able to dance like never before. As we got into our hold for the middle of the dance and did our natural waltz steps all around the floor I could feel my costume whipping around from our movement and it felt like I was floating on air. INCREDIBLE FEELING!

I think some of the athletes have an advantage when it comes to the nervous energy because they have performed physically before and been judged upon completion of the challenge. I have never had anyone rank or score me before. I have also never had the chance to get a physical performance perfect in one shot. I had no idea what it would feel like or how to get myself all psyched up for the big show. But after week 1, I have a better idea of how to prepare and how much fun it is to go out and shake a tail feather for all to see.

Next up, I have the jive, which is awesome. We are doing some great tricks in the routine and it is Mark Ballas’ favorite dance, which makes the rehearsals a blast. I have three days to perfect what I only learned yesterday if I want to survive another week. With my family flying in tomorrow to help me through the next show, I just hope I won’t be distracted by the beautiful faces of all my boys and that I can make them proud of me with my fancy sausage roll and flicking feet.

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