Melissa Joan Hart’s ‘Dancing’ Blog: ‘Every Monday Gets Better & Better’ (10/12/09)

Every Monday gets better and better!

I’m feeling so much more at home on this big stage, with this big band and with these fancy costumes.

This week I am a lucky girl and get to dance the good old-fashioned Charleston for all to see! I have always dreamt of being a flapper in the Roaring ‘20s and today I get to play that part. Our dance is fast and furious but so fun and silly that it totally suits my personality. 

As for a little behind the scenes dirt, I have made an interesting observation about all the cast members involved in the show. Most often when you get a group of celebs, people that have had great success in a certain area of the arts, you have huge talent mixed with huge egos. But when people come together in an unfamiliar setting such as dancing (or even when I have done celebrity car races) they drop the ego and look for support and friendships. Celebrities are accustomed to being babied and spoiled but that’s not the case here on “DWTS.” Even though everyone here is competitive, I feel it is friendly and fun competition, not aggressive and hateful.

For a little example, this week, pay attention to the confessionals on the results show night and watch how the stars constantly apologize to the dancers when the scores aren’t perfect. You would assume they would have more attitude and anger in a situation like that, but we all just get very melancholy and bummed for letting our partner down. Just a little interesting observation I’ve made this week.

Also in the results show this week, my baby boys Mason and Brady will be on camera as well as all the cast members’ kids in a little sketch called “Dancing Daycare.” I’m so excited to see their faces as they cheer me on!

Well I’m off to entertain! I hope my Charleston is the “bees-knees”.

When it comes to the glitz and glamour of this show I have never heard a more appropriate quote then that of the always-fantastic Drew Barrymore when she said, " You know you are putting a good thing into the universe when you put on glitter!”

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