Melissa Joan Hart’s ‘Dancing’ Blog: Getting Ready ‘To Shake My Maracas’ For Week 3

Sore is the best way to describe this week so far.

The week started out great with what I thought was a great jive, but after the judges deflated my bubble with low scores I felt defeated. The only time in my life that I’ve ever been under pressure and had to be scored immediately afterward was probably on state exams and I used to ace those. So this is all new and alien to me.

It’s so exciting to take the floor and deliver what feels like a flawless performance and then have to take that long walk to the judges’ table only to be criticized. But that’s what I signed on for, right? 

This next week is going to be interesting in a whole new way. While the jive was fast and furious and the audience got to see the all-American girl in me, this week I have to become a sultry, sexy Brazilian with hips that can turn on a dime. That is a side I haven’t often shared with the public; a few sassy magazine photos aside. But still shots are a far cry from moving ones!

The group is getting smaller and tighter as we form bonds and all try to help calm nerves. The elimination nights are going to start getting even more upsetting as our new friends leave the dance floor every Tuesday. However I am so thankful when Tuesday comes around. Not because I’m not nervous that I may be the one to go, but because I am so relieved that I don’t have to dance for an audience that day and I can put my feet up for a little while. If we do make it through the elimination, Tuesday is our only day off from the grind so I try to enjoy it.

While this is a dance competition I also try to remember that it’s all about the fans’ votes. I have enormous confidence that I have one of the most broad and loyal fan bases out there and I have faith that they will keep me alive for a few more weeks to help me get to the finale. I will continue to work hard in rehearsal to make all of you proud. 

Well, that’s all for now. Off to try on lots of fringe and shake my maracas. Stay tuned to see what Monday brings both on my blog here, on “Ellen” during the day and of course, don’t miss the show at night!!!

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