Melissa Joan Hart’s ‘Dancing’ Blog: My 2 Goals (9/10)

Some of you may have heard about this little show called “Dancing With the Stars.” As a cast member of the ninth season, I have to admit I didn’t realize what a huge phenom this show had become.

The excitement I see on peoples’ faces can only mimic those of kids walking into Disneyworld for the first time. I feel that I have two very big tasks ahead of me during this time.

First is to soak up all the dancing time possible and build myself an arsenal of moves to pull out during competition. The second is to become a politician and secure votes since my fate lies in the hands of the public fifty percent of the time.

What a thrilling yet demanding “job.” How fun to put on a custom-made costume and dance with a pro in a true competition for the world to enjoy. My ultimate goal in these next few exciting weeks is pretty simple; I really want to make memories to last a lifetime and get to dance a Pasodoble before it’s over.

It’s the chance of a lifetime and I’m going to enjoy the ride. So feel free to save my voting phone number in your phone and call as many times from as many phone lines as possible.

To keep up with “What’s Happening,” find me at … This is Melissa Joan Hart and I approve this message.

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