Melissa Joan Hart’s ‘Dancing’ Blog:  Ready For Week 2!

Here we are again in Week 2! This week feels different in a number of ways. Everyone around is a bit more relaxed after getting the first week out of the way. It’s going to be tough to go out and try to remember every move after only four days.

Last week our dances were ingrained in our heads after five weeks of practice and now we only have days to learn and polish. But despite that, the atmosphere here backstage is definitely a lot more laid back and fun than last week. Especially as we are all creating bonds and friendships behind the scenes.

As for the pros, what a bunch of troopers they are. Imagine spending your whole life perfecting an art and becoming one of the best dancers in the world only to spend years dancing with a bunch of stiff, uncoordinated amateurs.

I’m sure they enjoy the pro dances on the show when they get the chance to dance with a partner that is at the level they are. I’ve learned that even the pros get nervous first week out. They almost all put on their game faces and get serious until we make it through the routine. I’m sure it’s got to rattle them a bit not knowing how their partner will handle the pressure of a live audience. But once they make it through the first routine and get to size up the competition a bit they can relax knowing what they need to do for the next few weeks. I have to hand it to them, they have tough jobs with little recognition.

I’m so excited to go out there today and be a dancer for a day. It’s like a childhood dream come true. And I’m going to enjoy every minute of it for as long as it lasts; nerves and all.

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