Melissa McBride On ‘Walking Dead’s’ Daryl, Beth & More

“The Walking Dead” returns on Sunday night, and as horrific as things were for Melissa McBride’s Carol in last week’s episode, those events paved the way to allow her to rejoin the group.

But those events weren’t just horrific for fans to watch — they were very tough to shoot.

“I was really happy to detach from that a bit more and less conscious of playing this scene out,” Melissa explained to in the first part of our interview about the moment when her character had to shoot Lizzie. “I think it was just very honest. Melissa was a little bit more out of the way than usual because I was uncomfortable to be there. ‘Let’s just give it all over to Carol there for a minute.’”

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This week though, it’s Norman Reedus’ Daryl Dixon who appears to be facing an extreme situation. In a sneak peek clip that aired on “Talking Dead,” Daryl (who is still crushed over losing the car that whisked a kidnapped Beth away), was being taunted by a nasty man in the group of survivalists he encountered in the road. (The same group Rick barely escaped from at the house!).

In Part 2 of our interview with Melissa, we asked her for her thoughts on what’s ahead, those Beth/Daryl scenes and if she too is rooting for “Richonne” (Rick + Michonne).

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Access: You saw the preview for [this] week’s episode when you did ‘Talking Dead’ on [Sunday] night.

Melissa McBride: Ooh.

Access: Are you worried for Daryl?

Melissa: Oh, boy. I don’t know. Making Daryl mad, boy, I don’t know. I worry for anybody that’s out there by themselves like that. And then he’s obviously surrounded by a bunch of disgusting thugs, but piss him off? Piss Daryl off like that? He is so loyal and loving with his group — the prison group — and that guy talking about Beth that way? And Daryl is so respectful, you know? I just can’t imagine. I saw him take that knife out of – taking that knife out of the sheath and I’m thinking, ‘Ooh, that guy is gone. That guy is gone!’

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Access: I hope so. Speaking as the woman who plays Carol, how did you feel about the, ‘oh,’ moment between Daryl and Beth in an episode prior to yours – the kitchen table moment.

Melissa: Oh, I thought that was beautiful. I thought their whole experience together was really important and necessary. It was really beautiful what they were bringing out in one another. I don’t sit there and watch it and think this going into a romantic thing, or I don’t try to define what’s going on anywhere, it’s just, what they show me is what it is and I thought that it was beautiful.

Access: There seemed to be that kind of, ‘I like you,’ thing he was saying a little bit.

Melissa: I don’t know and I don’t want to speculate because the way that I watch it, I was just noticing how difficult it was for Daryl to express what he was thinking, you know, he’s so shy, even to just to – to express that [sentiment of], ‘You changed my point of view.’ I don’t know. Maybe I watch it differently. I don’t know.

Access: Rick and Michonne have a lot of chemistry on the show. Would you like to see a little happy family with them? They are so cute together.

Melissa: They are cute together and I don’t know, I think just seeing a happy family with anybody is awesome at this point. People deserve to be happy and they need that, they need like, like all of our little groups have – Sasha and Bob and Maggie together — just to see whatever these groups can have of any mount of normalcy and happiness in any second of any day is a big deal.

Access: A lot of people love seeing the group together. Can you hint at anything ahead about seeing our ‘TWD’ friends together again?

Melissa: I mean, I don’t know. Everybody’s finding those Terminus signs and trying to follow the tracks. Maybe we’ll all meet up, I don’t know.

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“The Walking Dead” airs Sunday at 9/8c on AMC.

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