Michael Chiklis Talks Squaring Off With Dennis Quaid On Vegas, Blogging With His Wife

Michael Chiklis’ new drama “Vegas” was picked up for a full season by CBS recently and the actor is enjoying squaring up with Dennis Quaid each week on the show.

“I’m having a great time with him,” Michael told Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Monday’s Access Hollywood Live, of playing mob boss Vincent Savino to Dennis’ Sheriff Ralph Lamb. “[He’s a] big movie star, man. He knows what he’s doing and I just love hanging out with him and he’s fun on set. It’s just easy. I’ve never been on a set that came together this quickly.”

There was a new twist on the Tuesday night drama last week, when Vincent negotiated a deal to buy an old casino to expand the business – without the approval of his bosses back in Chicago. But, as fans saw, not everyone was happy about the move, as Vincent narrowly escaped an assassination attempt.

Growing pains between rival mob factions is likely to continue to be a theme of the show, which takes inspiration from the real life history of Sin City.

“They’re the U.N. of mobs because you had gangsters from all corners of the country coming into the town and sticking their flag in the sand, which was hotel and casino, and they had to get along in a way that they never had to get along before, and they had to grow their businesses,” Michael said. “They’re all about earning, earning, earning — making money for the families.”

Beyond his starring role on the show, Michael is lending a hand to wife Michelle Chiklis – and her blog, “Carpools, Couture and Cocktails.”

“It’s excellent and we’ve been doing it together as a family,” he explained. “I’ve been taking a lot of the photographs and editing it for her. When our oldest was getting ready to go to college, [my wife] just looked at me and said,’ I have to do something creative, like right now.’ [It was a] little bit of empty nest going on.

“We’ve been writing these wonderful blogs. The ‘Carpool’ is being a parent – it’s the parental side of it. The ‘Couture’ is my wife’s fashion sense, and the ‘Cocktails’ are the lifestyles end of it and it’s really blowing up,” he said. “It’s great. It’s been a lot of fun to work with her.”

-- Jolie Lash

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