Michael Lohan Responds To Reports He Has A Secret Daughter

Michael Lohan has responded to reports he has a secret daughter.

“Someone’s coming forward saying something that is not verified or anything,” Michael Lohan said in an interview with Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush, scheduled to air tonight on “The Billy Bush Show.”

On Friday, OK! Magazine ran a report claiming that Michael Lohan had admitted to the publication that he engaged in a relationship with a woman, while he was undergoing a separation from now ex-wife, Dina Lohan, which resulted in a pregnancy.

In the new interview with Billy, Michael Lohan confirmed he engaged in a relationship with the woman, but refrained from affirming the child, who is now 13, is his.

“I’ve known [her] for twenty-something years. I met her in 1983 in Houston, Texas,” Michael Lohan told Billy.

“[She] contacted me — she was living on Long Island going through a divorce,” Michael Lohan continued. “Yes, I was with [her], when I was separated from Dina.”

Michael Lohan said he only learned he is possibly the girl’s father after a lengthy lapse in contact with the woman.

“Ten years later she contacts me, after two more relationships with other men, and tells me she’s going through some legal problems with her ex-husband, and the child she has is not his and she thinks it’s mine,” he said. “She convinced me I was the only person she was with during that time.”

In their report, OK! Magazine also claimed to have obtained letters from Michael Lohan to the girl and photographs he allegedly sent signed “Love, Daddy.”

When asked about the materials, Michael Lohan said he will examine their authenticity via his lawyers.

“There was correspondence of course, I’m not gonna lie about it,” he said. “[But] I don’t even know what she has. I don’t know what letters are real or aren’t real. We’ll find out what’s going on through my attorneys.”

The news has “blindsided” Michael Lohan, who questioned whether the woman spoke out in attempt to get back together, though his impression was that she was currently married. He also questioned her mental faculties.

“I don’t know where she’s coming from,” Michael Lohan told Billy. “I told [her] I would deal with this in an appropriate way and now I guess because she sees Lindsay’s back on top and doing well and I’m doing well, and she’s not doing so well… She’s got some severe medical and neurological conditions from an accident she had unfortunately, that I guess she thought there was hope that she could get back with me.”

The Lohans have no comment, according to Lindsay’s rep. OK! Magazine stands by their story.

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