Michael Lohan Shares Concerns For Ali, Responds To Lindsay’s Tweets

Michael Lohan has questioned Lindsay Lohan’s claim via Twitter on Thursday afternoon that Ali Lohan, 16, has a guardian looking after her while she is in Los Angeles.

Thursday’s Lohan family drama began in the morning when, accompanied by sheriffs from West Hollywood, Michael went to check on his teenage daughter Ali, after hearing the teen went to the Coachella Music & Arts Festival over the weekend with Lindsay.

“Yeah [she went to the festival]! A 16-year-old with her sister who is clearly not in a position to be her guardian,” Michael said when he sat down with Access Hollywood‘s Billy Bush on the Access set Thursday evening.

Following the incident with authorities on Thursday, Lindsay used Twitter as her mouthpiece, and she claimed Ali has a guardian who looks after the minor.

“Aliana IS watched with…and by a guardian AT ALL TIMES…. who is very close to my family and is a POSITIVE influence in my life,” Lindsay Tweeted.

Michael, however, questioned Lindsay’s statement. He said there were three people in the home when he stopped by on Thursday – Lindsay, who he said looked “like she got hit by a train, the makeup was all over,” Ali, and another young woman, but the latter person he doubted was a guardian.

“There was a girl that was Lindsay’s age or younger that was messed up more than Lindsay was,” Michael said.

Michael said he wanted proof Ali has a guardian during her stay.

“Show me the guardian and don’t come up with one tomorrow because there was no one in that apartment that was a guardian to Lindsay or Ali,” he said.

Lindsay continued to trash her father in her Tweets on Thursday night, and credited her mother, Dina Lohan for support in her life.

“W/out her, i wouldn’t of been able to follow my dreams and be as strong as i am today,” she wrote.

Michael was shocked when Billy read him the posting.

“As strong as she is today? Billy, give me a break. She had Samantha Ronson call me four days ago and she got on the phone and she wanted to talk,” he claimed.

“Lindsay called me on her phone, gave the phone to Samantha and Samantha spent 45 minutes on the phone with me and Samantha will not lie,” Michael claimed.

Michael declined to get into the details about what he talked about with Samantha, but he claimed there was “conversation… about getting together and talking.”

Billy asked if Michael’s visit was more about Ali or Lindsay, and Michael said both.

“It’s about Ali now that she’s out there, but it’s been about Lindsay and the problems she has,” he said.

Michael added that as for Lindsay, she needs better treatment to deal with what he has claimed for some time is a prescription medication problem.

“Good treatment is the only way out. Lindsay has to get off the prescription meds, she’s gotta get blockers and she’s gotta get therapy and we’ve gotta sit down as a family and get therapy, all on the same page because it has to do as much with us as anyone else,” he said.

Michael also took responsibility for the state he claims his daughter is in.

“I’m responsible for a large part of this — for being absent in her life, the turmoil with my brother in law with Dina, and I’m accountable for what I’ve done, I’m responsible. Dina’s gotta do the same. Until she does, our daughter’s not gonna get better,” he said.

He also said he will be contacting Child Services in both New York and Los Angeles over Ali.

Dina issued a statement to Access Hollywood on Thursday, following Michael’s visit with authorities to Lindsay’s home.

“My ex is completely insane,” Dina said in her statement. “My daughters are seeking a Protective Order and they are scared to death.”

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