Monte Carlo Mayhem: ‘Grey’s,’ ‘Lost’ & ‘Heroes’ Stars

While most folks are celebrating their holiday with barbecues and parties, Access Hollywood’s Tim Vincent is 6,000 miles away at the Monte Carlo Television Festival where American TV stars are mingling with royalty.

“I haven’t been out of the country yet since I’ve been on the show,” “Grey’s Anatomy’s” McSteamy aka Eric Dane told Tim at the festival. “It’s surprising but the fans are very polite.”

TV stars from 25 different countries flock to the Monaco hot spot, put on their Monte Carlo best, meet the festival’s Honorary President Prince Albert II and head straight to Access.

“Who took the longest to get ready,” Tim asked Dane and his wife Rebecca Gayheart.

“We took shifts so I don’t know, we didn’t clock it,” Dane laughed.

“It took him 5 minutes, it took me an hour and a half,” Rebecca smiled.

Tim soon learned the stars had their own snags in trying to reach him on the red carpet. In fact, “Lost” star Terry O’Quinn, lost his wife!

“I left her steaming. The dress hadn’t come from the people in the hotel so she was hot,” he sighed.

“So you had to leave her and come do this on your own,” Tim asked.

“Yeah,” Terry replied.

As for actor Adrian Pasdar and wife, Dixie Chick frontwoman Natalie Maines, they told Tim about some bad luck they’ve been having.

“We heard that you’ve lost a couple things along the way – a mobile phone,” Tim asked.

“How did that get out,” Adrian asked.

“Front page of the Monte Carlo news today,” Tim replied.

“Is that right? Whoever finds it there’s a $5 reward in it for you,” Adrian said.

Adrian and Maines also wound up sharing a common wall with Playboy icon, 81-year-old Hugh Hefner and his three girl friends.

“We heard a lot of giggling at like 4am and then what sounded suspicious like a deliberator and then some more giggling. So I don’t know,” Adrian revealed.

Looking lovely in a flowy polka-dotted Milly designed gown, Tim couldn’t help but notice “NCIS” star Lauren Holly sharing a royal whisper.

“[The Prince] was kind of touching you and being very polite and then you made him laugh. What did you say,” Tim asked Lauren.

“I can’t tell you that. I told him that I had a, a little secret for him later,” she said.

“Like a tattoo or a present,” Tim probed further.

“Oh I can’t say. It’s a secret,” Lauren answered.

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