NBC & Carson Daly?s $100K Video Challenge

a rewarding interactive project that encourages viewers to submit their own storytelling video. Users will also be able to enhance their videos with a selection of clips and tools provided by the producers on www.itsyourshowtv.com (accessible through www.NBC.com) beginning today.

The venture gives viewers the opportunity to win money for what they are already doing for free on other sites. Unlike other sites however, viewers will be asked to respond to creative challenges ranging from making their own short horror film to making a television sitcom about their families.

The announcement was made today by Kevin Reilly, President NBC Entertainment.

?We want to give people a chance to show us what the next level of user generated content can look like when given the tools and the opportunity,? said Reilly. ?Our next phase of this project will be to integrate the best and worst of this content into a program broadcast on NBC.?

Daly, who currently hosts his own late night talk show for NBC Universal and has
recently been credited as a key figure in new media?s rapidly changing environment,
will back the project along with his Carson Daly Productions. He encourages viewers to take advantage of the chance to make a creative statement for a mass audience and become a part of the ?It?s Your Show? community.

?This model of ?It?s Your Show,? with directed challenges, raises the bar and creates a measure and a real competition. The Internet has become a vast platform for identifying emerging artists. I hope to expose this talent on a much larger, focused scale, ? said Daly adding, ? Connecting large scale entertainment, user generated content and the indie spirit plays into the core strengths of Carson Daly Productions.?

“We’re really looking forward to seeing the next level of user generated content,” said Adam Cohen, Executive Producer, Super Delicious. “Since we first started seeing this type of content on the web, it has evolved and become more interesting and unique.
We’re excited to see how far users can take it.”

The effort launches with the staggered September rollout of four specific ?creative challenges? on the home page, each with a different expiration date for submissions lasting approximately one week in succession. A weekly countdown ticker will let applicants know how much time is left for their submissions. As one challenge expires, one or more may be added along with additional toolkit materials.

Each week, after being screened by a panel of project producers, twenty videos may be chosen and will be posted for subsequent voting by online users. The user whose video earns the most votes for each challenge will win a $1,000 cash prize. Each week?s top online entry is then posted as the main icon on the archived contest page and can be automatically entered into the contest for an ultimate $100,000 grand prize. That winner?s video could also be aired on NBC.

In addition, other creative participants can submit their videos even after the weekly $1,000 prizes have been decided to keep the competition fresh and to try to out-do the challenge winner. Those applicants and anyone who enters the contest would still be considered for the $100,000 cash prize — and could provide additional material for an eventual NBC program.

A television component of ?It?s Your Show? is currently in development with Daly set to host, and plans are to air a selection of the submitted videos on NBC in the near future.

Tools given to participants on the website will eventually include vintage clips from classic movies, scenes from current television series, news footage from historical and topical current events as well as a variety of music and audio tracks and graphical elements to create videos. Participants will be able to create their video projects using their own original content and they can borrow more footage provided on the site to flesh out their story.

Prospective candidates can find more information by logging onto www.itsyourshowtv.com or www.nbc.com.

The project is produced by NBC Universal Television Studio, Carson Daly Productions and Super Delicious.

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