Neil Patrick Harris Talks ‘Naughty’ Puppet Dreams Episode

Neil Patrick Harris drifts off to a puppet-filled slumber once again this week with an all-new episode of his Nerdist Channel YouTube web series, “Neil’s Puppet Dreams.”

The series takes a creative look at the “How I Met Your Mother” actor’s slumbering imagination, and he spoke exclusively to about the latest installment launching today – “Restaurant” – which is positively saucy.

“It’s kind of our homage to that ‘Hee-Haw,’ ‘70s, pun-filled comedy style – with rim shots and things,” Neil told Access of the episode, which sees him serving as a waiter to a unique cast of Henson Alternative puppets.

Click HERE to watch “Restaurant” from the ”Neil’s Puppet Dreams” series on Nerdist’s YouTube channel.

Although he grew up in front of the camera on “Doogie Howser, M.D.,” Neil revealed his own past includes a stint as a food server.

“I grew up in a small ski resort town in New Mexico called Ruidoso and child labor laws weren’t in full effect, apparently, there so I worked as a busser at a restaurant there when I was gosh, 10 or 11,” he explained. “And worked in a Schlotzky’s sandwich shop for a few years. I can make a wicked good Original!”

This week’s episode relies heavily on double entendres centering around food, but Neil said it’s not a style that sticks around throughout the rest of the series (a new episode is posted every Tuesday).

“We filmed each episode to be unique not only in its length, but in its style and in its content, so there’s some darker ones that are more like documentaries,” he explained. “There’s music videos that are filmed with tons of edits and I thought ‘Restaurant’ would be fun to go real old school pun-laden even rim shotty. Rim shotty (laughs). That’s a good expression… It’s a very different take on the sense of humor that we have in other episodes, but I actually think it’s manic and very Muppet and fun.”

But despite all the talk of sausages in “Restaurant,” it’s not the dirtiest one of the bunch.

“No, there’s a dirtier one for sure. There’s a couple dirtier ones, actually,” he said. “This one’s just a little naughty. But I was just grinning ear to ear filming it, ‘cause you see me at a table, but below me there are six different people looking at monitors that are all on the ground wearing head mics with puppets, operating different arms and quickly taking off and removing different puppets. The process of filming with puppets is unreal.”

-- Jolie Lash

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