Nelly Furtado Makes Motherhood Sexy

With a new album, ?Loose,? already burning up the charts, Canadian singer/songwriter Nelly Furtado may be the sexiest musically-minded mom around right now.

And when Access sat down with the prolific pop star, we found out what it takes to take on motherhood and the charts at the same time.

Access wanted to ask if Nelly has put the fearlessness, that she says has come to her through motherhood, into her music.

?Yeah, I think so,? Nelly said. When they become toddlers, walking, talking, singing, dancing, it’s like you have no choice but to experience life again, like you?re a child again, and it really had a positive impact on me. This album is very youthful.?

Does her two-year-old daughter?s energy rub off, Access asked.

?It really did rub off on me, yeah, her energy,? Nelly laughed. ?I recorded this album in Miami and South Beach. Florida, and I was literally making sand castles with her by day at the ocean, and by night, I was cutting tracks with Timbaland.?

The confident singer still gets nervous when a new album drops.

?I’m a little bit excited,? Nelly told us. ?You always get a little bit nervous before each album comes out. It’s my third album, so, I am a bit more seasoned you could say, but I’m really excited.

?Of my three albums, it’s the one that I enjoy listening to the most!?

Something else Nelly should listen to is the great buzz surrounding the album. With two bonafide hits coming off it - ?Promiscuous? in the U.S. and ?Maneater? in Europe — was it gratifying for her to be back in the spotlight?

?Yeah, I am really proud of this album,? Nelly told us. ?The fans have gotten two songs, you know, the ones that are on the Internet and checking it all out.?

But this gal isn’t always faithful to one particular song style! Access found out she covers the map musically.

?My first two albums were pretty eclectic, this third album is, like, it’s more iconic. It’s more a pop album really. You just hear my vocals and really good beats and Timbaland is an amazing producer.?

Nelly is a collector, of sorts.

?Basically, in my CD collection, I have 2,000 CDs,? Nelly laughed. ?I really don’t discriminate. I could be listening to heavy metal one moment and gospel music the next!?

And out of all those artists, Nelly has a fave she?d like to work with in the future.

?Well, people always ask me because I have done so many collaborations, who do you want to work with next?? Nelly laughed. ?And I always say Eminem because I haven’t worked with him, and I find him really fascinating because I am a vocalist, and I really love vocal rhythms, and Eminem to me is like Salvador Dali on the microphone. He’s completely kooky and amazing so I think that would be fun.?

Finally, with Nelly looking absolutely toned and gorgeous in her videos, Access wanted the secret behind her fantastic shape.

How?d ya do it Nelly?

?I just think motherhood made me better, I think it rejuvenates you as a person, mind, body and spirit, and I think every women is different. For me, (my daughter) is almost three-years-old now, and the first couple of years I did struggle. I was a little overweight, and I was nursing her, and I kept the weight on for a while, and then I just started working out a little more.?

Nelly lifted weights to get back her flat tummy. But she keeps herself mentally fit too.

?You don’t try to kill yourself over it,? she said. ?The stress I think is the worse part. I just try to stay stress free and live in the moment.?

Look out for Nelly to tour this coming fall — most likely, she says, with Justin Timberlake.

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