Nelsan Ellis ‘Shocked’ By Death Of Beloved Character In ‘True Blood’ Season Finale

On Sunday, in a bloody and emotional episode, “True Blood” wrapped up Season 4 in a very dramatic fashion that included saying goodbye to several Bon Temps’ faces – including Lafayette Reynold’s true love, Jesus Velasquez.

While he never expected his character, Lafayette, to live happily ever after with Jesus, Nelsan Ellis told Access Hollywood he was still thrown by the twist that took the nurse and brujo, played by Kevin Alejandro, out of the land of the living.

“I wasn’t surprised, because I heard [creator] Alan [Ball] say a couple of times that, you know, happy times in relationships don’t last, but I was shocked that they killed him and I was shocked that they had me kill him,” Nelsan told Access Hollywood. “I was like, ‘Why would you?’… And then I found out Kevin requested [it]. He was like, ‘I want Nelsan to kill me.’ And I was like, ‘Why did you request that, dude?’”

Having shot the scene months ago – one that saw Lafayette, possessed by the witch Marnie, stab a tied-up Jesus to take his brujo powers — Nelsan said he understood why Kevin wanted his character to go out at Lafayette’s hands.

“I kind of see why he requested that. It was just he and [I] that started and he and I that sort of went out in bloody flames,” the actor told Access.

Filming those final moments between the two men was “painful,” according to Nelsan, who praised Kevin and what the former “Southland” star brought to the small screen.

“It was painful because we’ve become good friends. That’s my dude. He’s one of the best people that I’ve come to know — and his wife… I just love his family… and his energy,” Nelsan said. “I’m not gonna have that any more, so it was painful and we have such a good rapport, the best rapport I’ve ever had with another actor.”

While Jesus’ life was brutally ended on Sunday’s episode, Nelsan said he expects that Lafayette’s newfound medium abilities will create future opportunities for the two to connect.

“He definitely will be coming back. Next season, as Lafayette learns how to use his power, then we certainly will see Jesus,” Nelsan said.

“True Blood” won’t return until June 2012 on HBO, and fans have already been clamoring for the return of another character – Denis O’Hare’s Russell Edgington.

Nelsan too, is supportive of the idea, which was hinted at with the exposed concrete and silver chains Alcide Herveaux (Joe Manganiello) discovered in Sunday’s season finale.

“I would love Denis O’Hare to come back,” Nelsan said. “And he should could come back to be my boyfriend.”

“The king of Louisiana and the new medium of Bon Temps? I think that would be a good combination, certainly a powerful combination,” he added.

Filming the next season is still months away and Nelsan is currently at work on “Gods Behaving Badly,” a film about Greek Gods living in modern day New York City, who encounter trouble after being discovered by a human couple, played by Alicia Silverstone and Ebon Moss-Bachrach.

“I am shooting it as we speak,” Nelsan, who plays Dionysus in the film, told Access Hollywood. “It’s fun.”

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