New Details: Did Elin Pose As Tiger In Fake Text Message To Rachel Uchitel Prior To Car Crash?

Elin Nordegren was the one responsible for setting a series of events in motion, which eventually led to husband Tiger Woods’ late night Thanksgiving car crash, according to Gerald Posner of The Daily Beast.

“She texted Rachel [Uchitel] pretending she was Tiger, saying, ‘I miss you. When am I going to see you again?’” Posner claimed to Access Hollywood on Monday, citing new information from two unnamed sources allegedly close to Elin.

“And Rachel texted back, somewhat surprised that Tiger was awake, which according to Elin’s friends told Elin right away that Tiger and Rachel had been in contact that night because obviously Rachel knew that Tiger was taking [Ambien] and going to sleep,” Posner claimed. “That’s when she called Rachel on the phone and said, ‘I knew it was you.’”

However, it wasn’t the first time Rachel and Elin had spoken, according to Posner.

Posner also claims that right before Tiger’s alleged affair with Rachel was reported by The National Enquirer, he actually called her and put his wife on the phone with her for a half-hour conversation, during which Rachel tried to convince Elin her relationship with the golfer was strictly platonic.

While Rachel’s alleged text message response to Tiger on Thanksgiving night may have been a blow to Elin, fueling the fire further was an alleged message from her husband to Rachel that he hadn’t erased from his phone, professing his love for Rachel.

“She also found a text message that had not been erased that had been sent to Rachel by Tiger that said, ‘You’re the one I’ve always loved,’” Posner added. “That was absolutely crushing.”

It was at this point an allegedly enraged Elin woke up her sleeping husband.

“Tiger was actually groggy from the Ambien, but he was still alert enough – or not alert enough in this case – to go into the bathroom And when he came out, Elin grabbed the cell phone he had from his hand and found another text that he had just sent to Rachel saying, in essence, ‘The gig is up. She knows. I’m going to be packing. A divorce could be coming,’” Posner continued.

In fact, Posner claims the sources said Elin then became violent.

“That set her off completely – she lost it. She started, I’m told by her friends, to hit him with her fist on his chest and his arms and then grabbed a golf club and he was out of there,” he continued.

At which point, Tiger allegedly hopped behind the wheel of his Escalade moments before crashing into a tree and a fire hydrant.

“He went shoeless into his car and that’s when he knocked off a hydrant and rammed into a tree,” he added.

As for what comes next for Tiger and Elin, a friend reportedly told Posner that Elin is waiting for Tiger to finish rehab treatment before making a final decision on whether or not to file for divorce.

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