New Girl Q&A: Hannah Simone Talks CeCe’s Wedding, Season Finale & Taylor Swift Guest Appearance

The last time fans saw “New Girl’s” CeCe (Hannah Simone), she was in the midst of a bridal disaster after ending up with smeared henna tattoo ink all over her face only hours before her wedding. chatted with Hannah about her big season finale where she’s slated to tie the knot with Shivrang (Satya Bhabha) in a traditional arranged Indian wedding, which she is calling “ambitious, incredible, beautiful, and hysterical.” The actress also dished about Taylor Swift’s unexpected season finale guest appearance and other possible wedding surprises! Can you tell us how Jess and CeCe successfully or maybe unsuccessfully handled that henna disaster that left your face smudged and smeared with henna ink?

Hannah Simone: I think it’s resolved by the time that the wedding happens. There’s going to be bigger fish to fry at the wedding. And the sweet thing is that they kind of showed that to Shivrang it didn’t matter to him anyway, so that was really nice.

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Access: Tell us about CeCe’s wedding look and style.

Hannah: I’m wearing this wedding lehenga (a traditional Indian wedding gown). We did an incredible fitting, it was so fun! We went and actually did a fitting down in Little India and I got to actually try on all these different outfits which was really, really great!

Access: What did you think when you saw the final look?

Hannah: I thought this really works great for a big CeCe Indian wedding! It was just so beautiful. Indian weddings visually, they’re so stunning. It was a really nice moment. I [love how] brave and honest our show is that in the second season we already have a wedding, you know? I love the fact [that we] don’t hold back and just to try force things to be longer for the sake of TV. They really let us kind of go there. It’s kind of amazing to me that we’re only in our second season and we get to do something this big and raise the stakes that high.

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Access: The details of the season finale episode, which includes an appearance by Taylor Swift, are very secretive and closely guarded, but what can you tell us about what goes down at the wedding?

Hannah: I was shocked! I mean, I was genuinely shocked! I’ve been asking almost since the beginning, ‘What’s going to happen in the finale?’ Especially after our finale last year also was a surprise and this season I kept asking and they wouldn’t tell me… I was very surprised in the choices that they made in how everything is left… it’s quite brave how they ended it.

Access: Would you call it a happy ending? A cliffhanger? A shock?

Hannah: It is definitely a cliffhanger for sure, whether it is happy or not, I think it depends.

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Access: Tell us about Taylor Swift’s appearance at the wedding.

Hannah: She’s a very important guest at the wedding, a surprise guest. It’s a surprise to CeCe, she did not know that [the character Taylor plays] was coming to the wedding. But, the biggest surprise was just how incredibly funny Taylor was. Our show can get super weird and if you show up on set you kind of have to be up for it, our “New Girl” sense of humor, and she was. She was awesome to work with. She showed up and took it in stride, which was impressive.

Access: Did Taylor do any singing? Was there a Jess-Taylor sing-off?

Hannah: Not that I’ve heard and not that I witnessed. But if [a sing-off] went down, I’m gonna be pissed that I missed it! (Laughs)

Access: Taylor’s appearance might be a closely guarded secret, but what about other wedding guests. Will any of CeCe’s model friends be there, possible the always hilarious and scene-stealer Rebecca Reid, who plays model Nadia?

Hannah: CeCe is not bringing in any factors that could potentially make it awkward. Unfortunately, I would have loved to have seen Nadia there, it would have been a great addition.

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Access: Does Schmidt (Max Greenfield) actually come to the wedding and get his plus one?

Hannah: (Coyly) Mmmm, I’m not gonna say anything!

The “New Girl” Season 2 finale will hopefully answer so many questions that fans have! Will CeCe marry Shivrang? Will Schmidt bring his new girlfriend? And what exactly is Taylor Swift doing at CeCe and Shivrang’s wedding? Find on Tuesday May 14 at 9/8c on FOX!

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