Newly Released Court Documents Reveal Britney's Behavior In Psych Ward

The first look at what life is like for Britney Spears in the psych ward at UCLA Medical Center was revealed through court papers released late yesterday.

In an extensive filing from Monday’s conservatorship court hearing over Spears, a declaration from Britney’s father, Jamie, describes his contact with the pop singer on February 3.

According to his declaration, Jamie, who is a cook, said he was unable to visit Britney in the hospital during the daytime on Sunday February 3 because he was “catering a large Super Bowl party.”

“While I was working, Britney called me on my cell phone at least four times. She called me about every twenty minutes,” his declaration continues.

In his declaration, Jamie claims Britney kept calling him and asking him why she was not at the hospital with her, despite his continued response of “Baby, Daddy’s got to work.”

The declaration further states that when Jamie finally got to the hospital, Britney turned away from her dad. 

In his declaration, Jamie includes “I said to her, ‘I love you.’ Britney said, ‘No you don’t.”

As his declaration continues Jamie claims that Britney believes she is in the hospital because of her dad.

Even when confronted by the orders and a nurse telling her that it is the hospital who is keeping her within its walls.

Britney also appeared confused over her legal situation, according to Jamie’s declaration.

He said, “Britney told me that she had fired her lawyers and that she has new lawyers. I told her that she doesn’t have new lawyers with the kids. She told me, ‘No, I have new lawyers that will help me with my stuff.”

In Jamie’s declaration he also claims that Britney believes Sam Lutfi took property that belongs to her.

“Britney then told me that there was some property of hers that Sam Lutfi had wrongfully taken,” Jamie’s declaration reads. “She asked me to help her get it back. I told her that I would.”

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