Nick: ‘I Don’t Want To Be A Serial Marrier’

Could the reason America fell in love with Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson be the same reason they split?

Was doing ?Newlyweds? a mistake?

On the same day his new album came out, Nick sat down with Access Hollywood?s Nancy O?Dell to look back at what went wrong and where things may now be headed.?

?Considering everything that?s happened, do you think ?Newlyweds? was the right thing to do?? Nancy asked Nick.

?If I knew then what I know now, I would gladly sacrifice ?Newlyweds? and every bit of success and opportunity and things that were brought to me for a healthy, happy marriage. That being said, I don’t know if that’s what caused it or if that’s responsible for it,? a candid Nick revealed.

But just eight months after they escaped the constant glare of their MTV reality show, Nick and Jessica called it quits.

?Do you feel like you?re more guarded now as far as relationships?? Nancy asked.

?Yeah, but I?m kind of a fool too,? Nick said. ?So I?ll kind of just dive right back in, you know. I?m certainly not at the point in my life where I?m even ready to think about that.?

?So you don?t have what you would consider a girlfriend?? Nancy smiled.

?No, I certainly do not. My girl has been my work, which has been a real blessing through this.?

?Do you feel like you want to marry again in the future?? Nancy followed.

?For me, a phase was certainly going through that emotion saying ?I just can?t imagine doing this again.? But for me, I?m a romantic at heart and when I come to my senses, I can?t imagine not and hopefully it turns out a different way the second time. I don?t want to be a serial marrier,? said Nick.

?Because you want kids? You?ve spoken openly about that,? Nancy said. ?You want little Nickies running around.?

?Yeah, I want little Nickies, whether they?re boys or girls,? he replied.

And while the tone of Nick?s new CD, ?What?s Left Of Me,? is decidedly downbeat (even the photos inside are somber) he can still crack a smile ? especially when it comes to Nancy.

?Do you remember calling me your second favorite gal on ?Newlyweds??? Nancy asked him.

?I do. I do absolutely,? he grinned.

?Well, now I figure that maybe I?m your first favorite gal right now,? Nancy joked.

?You?ve certainly moved up the rankings,? Nick laughed.

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