Nick Lachey’s Paparazzi Plight & Major League ‘Dreams’

A week after explicit and compromising photos of Nick Lachey and girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo were splashed all over the Internet, Nick once again finds himself in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Access Hollywood‘s Maria Menounos sat down with Nick to ask him if he’s more apprehensive of the paparazzi following the incident.

“No, I don’t think I’m more [apprehensive],” Nick replied. “I think you have to always recognize that they’re there!”

And when you’re Nick Lachey, the paparazzi are “there” each and every day… including the day they caught him and Minnillo naked and “celebrating” in a hot tub in Mexico.

“You can’t ever take a moment for granted, and think that you have a private home in a private, you know, residence, in a private neighborhood,” said Nick. “There is no such thing, unfortunately.”

“I know that you guys have been officially together for about a year now,” said Maria. “You were celebrating your one-year anniversary — are there plans to get married? You guys just moved in together.”

“No, no, no,” Nick answered. “We’re very happy, but we’re just — we’re leaving it at that. Not putting any, you know, grand plans in motion. We’re just, we’re enjoying each other, enjoying life.”

Tonight, Nick will be at the all-star game in Oakland as a spokesperson for Mastercard Presents “Major League Baseball Dreams.”

“What it is, is a chance for a fan to win a dream week with their favorite team,” Nick explained to Maria.

But that’s not all going on in the heartthrob’s life — Nick’s also working on a new album!

Maria asked Nick if he’s dedicated a song to Vanessa on the new disc.

“There have not been any dedications just yet,” Nick replied. “Not that it won’t happen --certainly everything in my life inspires me. There is a song for her, of course.”

Maria then asked Nick the million-dollar question:

“Do you think you guys would ever do a show together, like a reality show of some sort?”

“I really can’t imagine doing a reality show that dealt with my personal life, or my specific life ever again,” Nick replied. “I think that there are ways you can kind of morph reality TV and make something interesting. But you know, I’ve kind of been there and done it and learned my lessons the hard way.”

Nick, of course, is referring to the MTV show, “Nick & Jessica: Newlyweds,” which he starred in with his ex-wife, Jessica Simpson.

“It’s the kind of thing where you can’t describe it and know what it’s really like unless you’ve done it,” he remarked. “And then once you do it, I can’t imagine anyone would sign up to do it again. You know, it’s a pretty invasive thing.”

Nick guest stars on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” tonight at 12:05 AM (EST) on ABC.

To find out more about what Nick is doing with Major League Baseball and information on the MLB Dream Week Sweepstakes, log on to!

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