Nicole Kidman On Birds, Bees & Botox

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are one of Hollywood’s most inseparable couples.

This past weekend, at the junket for her upcoming film “Margot At the Wedding,” the actress told Access Hollywood’s Tim Vincent the kind of lengths the couple go to, to spend time together.

“We fly,” Nicole told Tim. “We [are] each other’s favorite person, so if you’re sitting on a plane to get there, even if it’s for 24 hours to see each other, then we prefer to be doing that.”

In fact, Keith even goes to extra lengths to spend as much time as possible with his wife.

“He works his tour around my schedule and we’re never really apart for more than a week,” she revealed.

Though Nicole shared some of the ways she and Keith work hard on their romance, the actress still gets embarrassed when talking about her personal life. You can imagine how she squirmed when Tim brought up the interesting way she learned about the birds and the bees.

“My Mom was a nurse educator, so she would bring films home and project them on the wall for my sister and I, to give us a blow-by-blow education about our bodies,” Nicole said before turning and facing the Access camera. “This is a very odd thing to be discussing on TV,” she noted.

Nicole learned all she needed to know about sex as a teenager from educational videos. That sex education came in handy in Nicole’s new drama “Margot at the Wedding,” where she plays sister to Jennifer Jason Leigh.

“The character has some very intimate scenes,” Tim hinted.

“No! No,” Nicole replied. “We’re not going there.”

Neither can Access. Nicole’s sex scene is so racy we couldn’t show it on TV or in our online clip.

During our interview, Nicole looked luminous. In a new interview with Marie Claire, Nicole revealed her looks are completely natural. She’s never had Botox.

And she told Access, she has no plans to ever undergo plastic surgery.

“I don’t have any judgment [about people who do have surgery],” she told Tim. “I think everyone to their own thing . . . for me, it’s about health. I mean, if you stay healthy — if you can be a healthy 80-year-old and still moving around and vibrant like that, then that’s incredibly attractive. That’s what I find, that’s what draws me to someone is someone that’s really sort of comfortable in their own skin. And I love, I love running, I love swimming, I love athletics, so that’s probably what I would place the emphasis on — staying fit.”

Nicole has never looked better as the evil villainess in the epic fantasy, “The Golden Compass.”

“It’s fun when you get to wear beautiful dresses,” she said. “I had very, very long nails.”

Nicole also told Marie Claire she wants to have a baby with husband Keith Urban, but it’s a sensitive subject considering that when she was married to Tom Cruise, she suffered both a miscarriage and an ectopic pregnancy.

“It was incredibly traumatic for me. Sometimes you share your grief,” Nicole told the

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