Nikita Season 4: Aaron Stanford Previews Big Birkhoff Episode

It’s a big episode tonight for Birkhoff fans on “Nikita,” as the series delves into the backstory of the character played by Aaron Stanford.

“It’s tough, because it’s like — it’s a reveal so I don’t want to tell you too much. But they do bring you back to the origins of Birkhoff, and there’s a big reveal,” Aaron said, when asked him about the twist after Warner Bros. flew us up to the show’s Toronto set, where they made us their guests earlier this year.

Aaron explained that one difference coming to Friday night’s episode is Birkhoff won’t just explain things to the audience. He’ll drive much of the storyline.

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“Anytime that I read something on this show where I’m given something to delve into, I’m very, very happy about it, because a lot of the time, my character, his function is to spit exposition out. I explain to people what’s happening, you know,” Aaron said. “So whenever I’m given something to do, I’m really happy. So this was really cool and the interesting thing is, it’s sort of — in the reveal — it poses the question of whether or not the Birkhoff that you think you know is really the Birkhoff that you know.”

“Nikita” has just a few episodes left before it takes its final bow and while the show was being filmed earlier this year in Toronto, Access asked if saying goodbye felt a bit like exiting high school.

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“It is like a high school experience or a college experience. You’re forced together and you see each other every day and you’re working together and yeah, you develop some pretty deep relationships,” he said. “In this business, there’s a lot of moving on. You kind of get used to it, but when it’s something [that] lasts as long as this has — like four years — it’s hard, it’s hard to move on.”

“Nikita” airs Friday nights at 9/8c on The CW.

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