Nikita Season 4: Lyndsy Fonseca On What’s Ahead For Alex

When “Nikita” begins its final run this Friday on The CW, don’t expect to immediately catch Lyndsy Fonsenca’s Alex helping out the world’s most wanted woman.

While Maggie Q’s titular character has the entire globe keeping an eye out for her (they all think she killed the President), Alex isn’t flying around with the team in their new plane trying to clear Nikita’s name.

“This season starts with Alex being Alexandra and really accepting who she is and really, for the first time, I feel like [she’s] becoming an adult and really embracing who she is,” Lyndsy told reporters when Warner Bros. flew up to the show’s Toronto set, where they made us their guests as filming for Season 4 took place.

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“You pick up with her working at the U.N., trying to take down human trafficking,” the actress continued. “So basically, [she’s] being Alexandra Udinov and that public figure and using it to her advantage to try and find the people. Nikita’s the most wanted person. [She wants to help] clear her name, find The Shop, so it’s kind of like day and night, like Batman during the day and then like at night she’s like doing other [things]. … She’s really accepting herself this year, which is really fun to play

Speaking of The Shop, Lyndsy said Amanda (Melinda Clarke) will continue to be a formidable force in Season 4.

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“Amanda is as evil and powerful as ever and she’s in a man’s world this year with Mr. Jones and The Shop world, so you’re not gonna see her as her, just by herself, in her own,” Lyndsy said. “It’s like she’s in a man’s world and trying to do her part and use them as well. And her ending is fantastic. I don’t want to say anything yet, because I feel like it’s not in a script yet, so things change… but… I think people are expecting deaths… and I think that this ending for her is even more interesting.”

Lyndsy also hinted there will be some big things to look out for in the Alex and Owen/Sam (Devon Sawa) story arc.

“It goes through many different twists, which is cool,” she explained. “Owen is Sam now, so it’s not gonna be the Sean/Alex relationship, which was like all lovey-dovey.

“I think Alex is really trying to find that Owen in him and we want to believe in him and that hope, and he’s gonna be an a**hole and he’s gonna do certain things that just like turn it around, and you’re like, ‘What?’” she continued. “So there’s little surprises and twists, but yes, they’re gonna have a lot to do together.”

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“Nikita” returns on Friday, November 22 at 9/8c on The CW.

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