Nikita: Shane West, Aaron Stanford & Devon Sawa Talk Cast Dinner & How They Thought Show Would End

When the “Nikita” cast began filming their final season, they gathered together for a dinner at Lyndsy Fonseca’s Toronto place, where the topic of conversation was how their The CW show could end.

“We were having a good time,” Devon Sawa, who plays Sam/Owen in the series, said of the evening of fun. “Most of the cast was there and [co-executive producer/writer] Albert Kim, who is like a big part of our family. We just got together and had a vegetarian kind of BBQ.”

Back in September, visited the set of the series (courtesy of Warner Bros.), where Devon, Shane West and Aaron Stanford opened up about the evening they spent with their castmates, where they shared their suggestions on how to wrap up the show’s four season run.

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Shane West (Michael): “We had a dinner… at Lindsy’s place and the cast kind of came together. … I think we were on Episode 2, maybe 1, and she had a chalkboard on the wall and we had dinner and wine and all we did was write down what we think the ending should be. And I made jokes going back to like ‘St. Elsewhere,’ where none of us were alive and we were in someone’s crystal ball. You know, that kind of thing. And Albert was like, ‘Hmmm….’ And I was like, ‘No! no! No! Don’t take that suggestion. It’s already been done.’

“I think Craig [Silverstein, the show’s creator]… I think it might be because of the fans jumping on board with the whole ‘Mikita’ thing and the Michael and Nikita thing… I have a feeling it’ll be a decent ending for Michael and Nikita, a positive ending for them. … All signs are pointing to that and we’re hoping for that.”

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Aaron Stanford (Birkhoff): “I wrote like five or six things up there. As the evening went on [and] people had more to drink, I think they got crazier and crazier, but I told Craig Silverstein — he asked me if I had any ideas for the ending and I told him I wanted it to end the way ‘Reservoir Dogs’ ends. I want it to be one giant Mexican standoff, with every single character pointing guns at every single other character. … They all shoot each other at that exact same moment and then Birkhoff like scurries out from a hiding place under a desk. He’s the Mr. Pink. He’s like the lone survivor.”

Devon Sawa (Sam/Owen): “I didn’t have anything clever to say like the rest of them. … I just couldn’t think of anything not nasty to say on the chalkboard. ‘YOU ALL DIE!’ Most of them put something up there. Shane might have just put [an emoticon]. He loves those things. But yeah. It was funny.”

“Nikita” concludes on Friday night at 9/8c on The CW.

-- Jolie Lash

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