Nikita: Shane West & Maggie Q On Whether ‘Mikita’ Can Have A Happy Ending

“Nikita” kicks off its final season Friday on The CW, but more than clearing her name, figuring out the President is still alive or taking down Amanda, one thing many fans are hoping to see before it all ends is some sort of happy ending for “Mikita.”

Nikita (Maggie Q) and Michael (Shane West) certainly deserve something good after all they’ve both been through, but the way things ended in the Season 3 finale — she was driving off, not wanting her friends to become entangled in the giant manhunt for her (and having left the ring behind) – means getting there could be a rocky road. If there is a happy ending to be found, that is.

But, with just a six episodes until the show wraps, the pace will be quicker, leading to some exposed emotions.

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“I guess one of the cool things about only having six episodes for our final season is everything does need to get wrapped up, so in six episodes… love is on the rocks, but that has to be fixed quickly too,” Shane West told reporters when Warner Bros. flew up to the show’s Toronto set where they made us their guests. “I think what you discover right off the bat is that Michael is… almost… how he was in Season 1. So he’s dead inside again and of course he cares about Nikita — he always will care about Nikita. That’s kind of explained right off the bat in the first episode, but the ship may have sailed is how he feels now.”

But Shane said things are headed for some twists that could signal hope for “Mikita” fans.

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“There are certain characters that come back that help remind him of why she may have done certain things like this and why she may have left them to really protect [them],” Shane said. “But then, there are certain things on Michael’s side where she didn’t need to leave the ring. … There were certain things that were an actual slap in the face. So… nothing’s perfect when it comes to relationships — especially like theirs — but I think you’re going to see a whirlwind of emotions in six episodes.”

Maggie too addressed the question about what will happen with “Mikita,” when Access brought up the question during a group interview, following the actress’ long day of filming.

“It doesn’t start well for them. Michael’s upset. … It’s this strange adult problem where she didn’t really feel like she had another choice and he feels like she should’ve trusted him. He’s got this sort of Superman complex. And she’s just like, ‘Listen, you’re not bigger than it. It’s bigger than you and because I love you, I couldn’t expose you to this,’” Maggie explained of how her leaving opened up big wounds. “She’s always been the person who sort of puts everyone before herself. Nikita didn’t want to be out there for three months, living on her own and you know, eating garbage and — you’ll, see where she’s at when we open this season. … She was hurting. But she’s also not a self-righteous sort of creature, so she doesn’t come and go, ‘Well, I did all this for Michael, so why are you upset at me?’

“It takes a while for that to come out,” she continued. “What’s interesting is that he… essentially kind of doesn’t want to fight for them anymore. He’s tired of her making all the decision for them.”

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Maggie explained more about what Shane hinted at — the character coming to town who will help put things more plainly for the on again/off again “Nikita” couple.

“There’s a character that we saw in the second season that I loved, that I’ve been fighting to have back from the day I met him and we actually bring him back, which is really exciting and he’s one of those characters that just says whatever is actually going on,” she hinted. “He kind of has this great scene with Michael where he’s like, ‘Hang on. Um, let me just assess the situation.’ And does, but it does in such a real way that you’re like ‘Woah.’ Like you can’t believe what comes out in terms of the truth, just laid out. We all know the truth but then you lay it out and it’s kind of breathtaking a little bit and that sort of starts the road to recovery for them, but it’s not ‘til a little later. And I don’t know what the full recovery’s gonna be, but we’ll see.”

“Nikita” returns tonight at 9/8c on The CW.

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