‘Ocean’s Thirteen’ Boys Goof Off At Cannes

That’s not the only beating George receives from this close-knit bunch. Brad Pitt and Don Cheadle also spoke with Billy, and they revealed George’s guilty pleasure:

“I was shocked to find that George watches ‘Dancing With the Stars,’” said Brad, prompting Don to reply with a joke: “He wants to compete, in fact! He feels it all rapidly going away. He’s looking for a way to resurrect — hence the plastic surgery, which is really not a bad job. You really can’t tell…not on film, anyways.”

You can tell the “Ocean’s Thirteen” guys are friends. Off camera, they’re known to play a friendly game of high-stakes poker.

“A little poker,” according to Brad, who seems to think that George is the “kiss of death” when it comes to playing cards. “I gave up some cash,” he confessed, “when Clooney came around and gave me the tap of death.”

“He is the most unlucky,” Brad continued. “Worst card player. He is the cooler.”

And Don agrees: “He actually sat at a blackjack table during the first movie in Vegas, and lost 23 straight hands. 23 in a row!”

Regardless of his prowess at a blackjack table, Clooney is revered as one of the World’s greatest studs. With that in mind, Billy thought he’d offer George and Matt a fitting gift for the Cannes beaches - Access Hollywood Speedos!

The trouble is, it wasn’t as fitting as it could have been - it was too large.

“George could have fit in that when we were doing ‘Syriana,’” joked Damon, who said he was going to wear his as a surprise for his wife.

Matt noticed the Speedo said “Access“ on it.

“It should say ‘Access‘ on the back,” said George, as the two burst out laughing. “I’m rocking the thong, baby!”

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