On The Download: Best Pop Vocal Album, Grammy Picks

What a wide range of nominees in contention for this year’s Best Pop Vocal Album category at the Grammys. From a new U.K. songstress to James Taylor performing “Covers,” the nominees are:

- Sheryl Crow for “Detours”
- Duffy for “Rockferry”
- The Eagles for “Long Road Out of Eden”
- Leona Lewis for “Spirit”
- James Taylor for “Covers”

As seen in past years, The Recording Academy tends to embrace more established acts, such as when Steely Dan won over Eminem in 2001 and Herbie Hancock one for Album of the Year last year.

With that said, it could again be the year for The Eagles as many of the baby boomer Academy voters love the iconic band’s latest effort, “Long Road Out of Eden.”

Meanwhile, Sheryl Crow is a reliable talent and her “Detours” album did not disappoint. With a similar style to the Eagles, these two nominees could cancel each other out… or not.

At the same time, Duffy has rocketed onto the scene with a fresh, smart album, “Rockferry.” A retro feel with a modern twist, Duffy makes us appreciate music again.

Another new face this year, Leona Lewis, gained much acclaim for her “Bleeding Love” single, but the “Spirit” album as a whole is not as great as the other contenders. While James Taylor is adored, “Covers” is just that, covers of other work. Such an effort cannot be rewarded over original material.

Should Win:  Duffy

Will Win: The Eagles

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