On The Download: Download It… Or Ditch It (Thanksgiving Edition)

We can’t remember a time in recent history when so much great new music has come out in such a short period of time. But with the market so saturated with new releases, which albums are worth your time and money?

We break down all of last week’s and this week’s hot new tunes! And surprisingly, most of it is worth getting!

Adam Lambert, “For Your Entertainment” – Download It
Of course, all anyone’s talking about is Adam’s performance on the AMAs. Overall, we like what Adam’s doing musically – he’s a fresh breath of air for the music industry. Although not every track is a hit – standouts include his songwriting collaborations with Kara DioGuardi, Pink and Lady Gaga.

Shakira, “She Wolf” – Download It
The Colombian beauty is back with her 3rd English-language effort and we like it even more than her last! Steaming with electronica throughout the album, new track “Give It Up To Me” (feat. Lil Wayne) is sizzling!

Rihanna, “Rated R” – Download It
As disappointed as it makes us to say it, the music on the new album is nothing like the Rihanna of yore. Still, it’s a highly personal album that demonstrates a new & more mature side of the singer, which ultimately, makes it an important album and worth still getting.

John Mayer, “Battle Studies” - Download It
The Romeo of Hollywood reminds us why we love him – he’s one of the best songwriters working today. His latest will debut #1 on Billboard’s 200 this week, despite tough competition!

Robbie Williams, “Reality Killed The Video Star” – Download It
The former Brit boy-bander is returning to his place as a leading man with his latest release. Much improved over his lackluster last “Rudebox” release. Check out first single, “Bodies.” Our full review, HERE.

Kris Allen, “Kris Allen” - Download It
It’s a home run from “Idol’s” latest champ. Completely commercial and should appeal to several quadrants. Check out our full review HERE.

Lady Gaga, “The Fame Monster” – Download It
Not just your average album re-issue with a new track or two. Lady Gaga is redefining the idea of what it means to put out a “new album,” with the re-release of her debut, 2008’s “The Fame.” Instead, if you didn’t buy the original album, you’re getting all of it, plus a whole new second album with eight brand new tracks, each equally as good as her first effort!

Justin Bieber, “My World” – Ditch It
Not much about this teen sensation from Canada is exciting us, but if you’re 13, maybe you feel differently.

Susan Boyle, “I Dreamed A Dream” – Download It
What very well could be the biggest album of the holiday season (it will open #1 on the Billboard 200 next week)… comes from the most unlikely of suspects! And to bat, it’s very good! The producers picked the perfect tracks for SuBo’s coming out party

Janet Jackson, “Number Ones” - Download It
Sure, her past few original albums have failed, but the collection of the greatest from her whole career is too good to pass up.

Britney Spears, “The Singles Collection” - Download It
Just like Janet’s collection, this one is worth getting. There are 50+ tracks, so you’re also getting your money’s worth. Plus, great-unreleased dance mixes, which are awesome for the gym

Norah Jones, “The Fall” – Download It
Norah takes her sound in a slightly different direction, and we like where she’s heading!

Leona Lewis, “Echo” – Ditch It
A lackluster follow-up to her debut, although lead single “Happy” is a stellar song.

Beyonce, “I Am… Yours – An Intimate Performance at Wynn Las Vegas by Beyonce” – Download It
If you missed Sasha Fierce’s latest concert tour, catch up with it on this disc. Beyonce offers a companion DVD that is worth the price of purchase alone!

Still Around The Corner for 2009, Releases From: Alicia Keys, Lil Wayne, Timbaland, Eminem (re-release), Allison Iraheta, Robin Thicke, Mary J. Blige, “Glee”: Volume 2, R.Kelly, Chris Brown

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