On The Download: Ellie Goulding LIve In New York City

The Royals love her (she performed at William and Kate’s wedding reception), America loves her, and I love her. Ellie Goulding is a rock star in the making and her performance at NYC’S Terminal 5 lived up to the hype and more!

This pretty blond thing, who commanded the stage in her Beatles-inspired jacket and short leather shorts, was the perfect mix of seductive vocals and edgy instrumental performance.

I’m in love with every single song on her album and to share in my concert experience, I took my best friend, Betsy, who is a diehard Ellie fan. She’s the sing-a-long type and every time Ellie yelled to the crowd, “sing with me now,” my friend obliged.

When I asked her at the end of the night what she thought of our favorite Brit princess’ performance she said, “Her voice was amazing… It sounded like I was listening to the album.”

I couldn’t have agreed more. And with that note, here is a recap of my awe-inspiring evening with Ms. Goulding:

The first song of an artist’s set is always the one I find myself anticipating the most because it sets the tone for the rest of the performance. So when Ellie opened with “Under the Sheets,” I was pumped. The energy of the crowd really elevated the intensity of her presentation and she hit every note without missing a beat.

I don’t usually love eletronic music, but Ellie brilliantly mixes it with pop and folk beats to create a really symphonic sound.

A big highlight for me was when she performed “This Love.” It’s one of those songs that conjures all these fantastic memories of friendship and summer for me. The raspiness of her voice and honest brutality in her words really sucked me in even more. Have I mentioned how much I adore Ellie Goulding?

She also introduced some new music to the crowd. Songs like “Human and Wish I Stayed” were a bit more on the ballad-y side but still gave a positive preview of what’s up next for Ellie.

She wowed the fans with the Elton John classic, “Your Song,” which inspired the crowd to join in on the lyrics. It never gets old listening to her rendition of this hard-to-touch hit song. It was breathtakingly beautiful and sincere.

I was most blown away by her performance on the drums when she played “Salt Skin.”

She killed it and had the crowd screaming and dancing because it was electrifying and sexy (she had some good moves too!) It gave me goosebumps.

It’s also what sets her apart. Her talent stretches way beyond a good song and a strong voice, placing her at the top of her game at the young age of 24!

When she was done with her mini drum set, she jumped straight into the crowd pleasing, “Lights.” It was transcendent!

Her flawless vocals and heartfelt expressions made it very easy for the audience to feel engaged in the power of the song.

Ellie closed the night with “Starry Eyed. “And like the song says, Ellie hit this crowd “like lightning” with her riveting performance- never once losing momentum!

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