On The Download: Jesse McCartney Comes Into His Own!

Oh how fast they grow up!

Jesse McCartney – just yesterday you were a bright eyed 17-year-old on the music scene penning WB TV show music for love struck teenage girls and caught drinking beers in LA nightclubs by tabloid Web sites!

But, child you are, no more!

With your third studio album effort – “Departure” – you’ve finally become a full-fledged music talent!

It’s true – I was skeptical to listen to your music at first – but now, you’ve got me hooked.

The truth is… your new track — “Leavin’” – is a gem of a pop tune.

I find myself singing the “No Stress… no stress… no stress” refrain all day long as I walk down the halls of my office.

And let’s face it, everyone’s catching on – the single’s climbing up the singles charts.

For a real treat, check out the Bimbo Jones remix of “Leavin’” (if you can find it – it’s not on iTunes yet), and dance your heart away at the gym next time you’re there.
You can hear it – here!

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