On The Download: Kelis’ ‘Flesh Tone’

Get ready people. Kelis’ “Flesh Tone” is almost here and we’re happy to report… it’s awesome.

Kelis has already enticed audiences around the world with the infectious beats of “Acapella,” the lead single from her fifth studio album. This comeback track, her ode to the birth of her first child - a son named Knight - put her back on the map following a long absence since previous big hits “Bossy” and “Milkshake.” Yet, “Acapella,” which is actually the fifth track on the album, is just one small part of the amazing journey on which this album will take you. Kelis’ full album is already available internationally and will be released on U.S. shores on July 6.

And in many ways, the album is an emancipation of sorts for this Harlem-born artist. Her divorce from rapper Nas was finalized earlier this week (just in time for Memorial Day), and this summer could very well prove to be the Summer of Kelis.

Tracks such as second single, “4th of July,” (to be released June 8), provide a light and fun summery sound, which is sure to be heard on dance floors around the world. Its infectious refrain of, “Just like the sky… like the 4th of July,” should be set to every fireworks display across the U.S. this coming year.

As the lyrics to “22nd Century” state, “everybody’s dancing,” and you will be too, from start to finish, while listening to this brilliant effort.

Powered throughout by dance and electronica beats, “Flesh Tone” is Kelis’ first album for the Will.i.am Music Group and Interscope Records. Kelis has partnered with superstar producers including David Guetta (who has also recently worked miracles for The Black Eyed Peas and Kelly Rowland), Damien Leroy and Burns to create infectious tunes that will have you in a trance from the moment you press “Play.”

Other standout tracks on the album include, “Home,” “Brave,” “Emancipate,” and bonus track “Carefree American.” You could listen to this album from beginning to end and never feel the need to jump between tracks. It’s best listened to as a complete album, a rarity with so many releases nowadays.

“Flesh Tone” is simply, off… the… hook — placing Kelis most definitely back on the cultural radar.

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