On The Download: Kris Allen Is An ‘Idol’ Who Delivers

I am very happy with “American Idol’s” latest winner, Kris Allen.

The self-titled debut album from this year’s “American Idol” is finally here and it is among the best first efforts ever of any of the “Idol” winners.

First, Kris delivered with his debut single, “Live Like We’re Dying.” Additional tracks “Before We Come Undone,” “The Truth,” “Written All Over My Face,” and “Red Guitar,” are just as, if not more, awesome.

Kris wrote 9 of the 12 tracks on the album and he ends with his popular cover of Kanye West’s “Heartless,” which he performed on “Idol.”

“Red Guitar,” is a particular favorite track of mine. Written solely by Kris, it tells a story not of a guitar, but rather, of someone for which he never thought he could fall.

I didn’t know what to expect from Allen, the cute, shy and talented guitar player and singer who graced the “American Idol” stage for all those weeks. Here, he proves himself to be an artist with confidence, presence and purpose.

In the album notes Allen begins with, “Thank you God, for always being the same.” Not being a particularly religious person, the sentiment struck me because it is so genuine and I’ve never heard anyone say that before. Yet another reason to love Kris Allen.

This CD has been playing in my car for days. I can’t get enough.

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