On The Download: Liza Minnelli At The Hollywood Bowl

Whether or not you are a fan of Liza Minnelli – there’s no doubt, this legend still puts on one hell of a show!

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Following her 2008 stand on Broadway for “Liza’s at The Palace,” which itself followed a 75-city international tour, Liza With a “Z” (not an “S” because that goes “Ssss” not “Zzzz”) invaded Los Angeles last weekend for a grandiose two-night stand at the Hollywood Bowl, as the city’s fires burned behind her.

Liza’s been enjoying a resurgence of late – whether appearing on the small screen in this summer’s “Drop Dead Diva” on Lifetime or the few-years-cancelled “Arrested Development” or her re-issue of “Liza With a Z” through Showtime – she’s as popular as ever, with fans old and new alike.

Her set at the Bowl started off a bit shaky – in opening number “Take Me Tonight,” she seemed unable to hear herself. But by the time she got to fourth number, her touching rendition of Charles Aznavour’s “What Makes A Man A Man” (without a hint of irony), she was back in her groove.

The evening continued with a venerable greatest hits line-up of her standards. Interestingly, her choice from “Chicago” was one of the less popular tracks (which was not in the 2002 movie), “My Own Best Friend.” Act 1 ended with “Cabaret” – still perfect since her Oscar-winning rendition, more than three decades past.

And then she REALLY dipped into the archives, with standards including “Alexander’s Ragtime Band” and “Mammy” – songs older than most people in the audience’s grandparents.

But nothing beats a night at the Bowl when Ms. Minelli talks about “Uncle Frank” before dipping into “New York, New York” – a little slice of heaven, even out here on the left coast!

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