On The Download: Sade’s ‘Soldier Of Love’

Sade! Sade! Sade!
(that’s pronounced “Shah-DAY” for those under age 25!)

The band led by the ethereal vocals of lead singer Helen “Sade” Folasade Adu, is back for their first new album in 10 years (!!!), and is about to embark on their fourth decade (!!!!!) of putting out albums.

But what’s most amazing is that their latest single, “Soldier of Love,” is perhaps one of their all-time best!!!!!!

Do I sound excited? That’s because I am!

Sade’s music was “chill out” before that genre of electronica became a genre. And with this latest single, they’re taking back their crown.

This sexy and sultry new song, is every bit as strong as their last single, 2000’s “By Your Side,” and I can’t wait to hear what the rest of their latest album is like (we have a listening session next week).

Check back here soon for their album review (due out February 9). The album is already #3 on iTunes from pre-orders alone (and their “Best Of” album is at #6!).

Several Access staffers were at her listening party in LA Tuesday night, and had very good things to say about the whole album. We can’t wait!

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