On The Download: Welcome To ‘Planet Pit’

My love affair with Pitbull (real name Armando Christian Perez) began when I first heard him on the Ying Yang Twins “Salt Shaker.” I knew instantly that I was listening to a rising star and his new album, “Planet Pit,” justifies my initial instincts.

But before I break down the new disc, which drops on June 21, let me give you my reasons as to why Pitbull has what it takes to dominate in a competitive music industry, which produces countless amounts of clones and manufactured artists.

Very few artists have that x-factor and Pitbull oozes originality and talent when it comes to his lyrics and his sound. He is the real deal. Musically, he has the power to get your a$$ on the dance floor and escape the hardships of reality by making you lose control and get a little wet n’ wild with your inhibitions, even if for just a little while. His music just does that to you. I mean, the man has ruled the Billboard charts with each of his singles and he has a bulletproof formula to his music that generates loyal followers all over the globe. Moreover, his impressive collaborations with artists like Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Lil Jon and Enrique Iglesias, just to name a few, are further proof that Pit is a solid-gold genius that other artists respect and value in the music community. Mr. 305 is a hitmaker. Caso cerrado. (On a sidenote, what would make my Pitbull dream come true is collaboration with Miami’s reigning dance queen, Gloria Estefan. Que dices, Pitbull?!)

VIDEO: Pitbull Talks ‘Planet Pit’ Collaborations! Click here!

As a Cubanito from Miami of Cuban immigrant parents, his music is deeply rooted in his culture and gozo de vivir, and that is what I love most about him and the product he puts out. When I listen to an artist, I want to be able to connect and vibe with that artist and their energy. And Pitbull’s music does that to me. As a fellow Cubanita from Miami, his music makes me feel at home. He is the unofficial mayor of Miami and his music breathes the tropics. From freestyle to salsa throw backs and booty music mash ups, he kicks it old school without compromising the genres and meshing them as his own flavor. He fuses all these amazing hooks and lyrics and what’s born is a sensational melting pot of vibrant melodies and dance hits. His energy is contagious and it’s like a jolt of Cuban coffee when he gets on the mic and it tastes oh so good!

When I got my hands on “Planet Pit,” I was at work, sitting at my desk in between shoots. I should have opted for a more appropriate non-office setting for my first listen, but I simply could not wait. What ensued next was me dancing around my office, fist pumping to EVERY single song on this album.

Yes, I had already been ridiculously obsessed with “Give Me Everything” and “Hey Baby”- both on a constant rotation on my iPod, so I wasn’t surprised that I became quickly addicted to some of the other tracks on the album. “Rain Over Me,” featuring Marc Anthony, is en route to become another smash hit. These two have such electrifying chemistry - Anthony with his killer vocals and Pit spitting Spanglish lyrics - that only a Cuban white rapper (move over Eminem!) can deliver with such ease and poetry. Next on my list, the remastered classic “Shake Senora” which is laced with some fun Caribbean and soul sazon. Que sabrosura! Last but not least, my two favorite tracks on the album, “Pause” and “Come n Go” featuring Enrique Iglesias, which are certain to become new dance club anthems.

VIDEO: Enriquie Iglesias, Pitbull & Prince Royce Talk Teaming Up! (May 2011)

Pitbull creatively mixes magnetic hip hop beats with some Latin flair and because he does that so brilliantly, he is able to broaden his musicality and bring in a diverse and eclectic audience into his world. Whether you are Cuban, Dominican, French, or Jamaican- it has no barriers. Pitbull is the Latin Midas and his new album, “Planet Pit,” is solid gold. It is hands down the album of the summer! It’s sizzling through and through.

Mr. Worldwide has arrived and he is staying put. With six hit albums now under his belt, The world is his. Dale!

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