Once Upon A Time: Colin O’Donoghue Talks Season 2 Finale & The ‘Different Side’ Of Captain Hook

Colin O’Donoghue made a big splash as the Jolly Roger’s Captain Hook in Season 2 of ABC’s “Once Upon A Time,” so it’s only fitting that he’s a big part of this Sunday’s season finale.

Storybrooke is facing grave danger with Greg and Tamara preparing to detonate Regina’s failsafe and destroy the town (and rid the real world of magic), and in an interview on Wednesday, Colin confirmed to AccessHollywood.com that Hook will be part of that drama.

But likely more interesting for the fans this Sunday is the upcoming interaction in Neverland between Hook and the boy he fished out of the sea on last week’s episode – Baelfire. Bae is not only the son of Hook’s sworn enemy, Rumplestiltskin, but he is also the child of Milah, Hook’s late love.

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And in our new interview, Colin hinted to Access about all that’s ahead when the Season 2 finale kicks off on Sunday, May 12 at 8/7c on ABC.

AccessHollywood.com: You’re at season finale, how does it feel to finally be here?

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Colin O’Donoghue: It’s great and it’s a cracking episode as well.

Access: Last time we saw Hook, he’d rescued a young Bae from the sea. How does Hook feel about children?

Colin: He’s intrigued. When it comes to Bae, I think he’s intrigued about this boy that he’s sort of pulled up out of the sea because obviously, when he rescues Bae, he doesn’t particularly know who he is and it’s kind of interesting — you get to see their relationship and you get to see them interact and I think that people are really gonna respond to that.

Access: How big of a revelation is that going to be to Hook (who Bae is)? Does it excite him?

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Colin: It’s complicated because Hook obviously loves Milah, Bae’s mother, and he has this incredible hatred for Bae’s father, so it’s kind of a complicated thing. It’s interesting to sort of see Hook and… it’s pretty incredible that he happens to pull Baelfire out of the sea, considering his relationship with both parents, so you get to see a different side to Hook and a slightly deeper layer and I think people are gonna be really happy with that.

Access: You’d think he’d use Bae as leverage, but you brought up the point that Hook loved Bae’s mother so much. When you say we’re going to see another side of him, is it the cuddly hook that we’re going to get?

Colin: (Laughs) Cuddly Hook? I don’t know if it’s quite cuddly Hook. People are gonna have to watch it to see, because you know from Hook that he is quite self-serving, so, it’s interesting because you don’t know [which] way Hook can go. Sometimes he’ll try and be this charming gentleman and then other times he can be quite nasty and cruel so I think it’s gonna be interesting for people to see which side comes out when it comes to Bae.

Access: We’re going to get The Lost Boys this episode who are after Bae. What can you hint at about that?

Colin: Well, you know from Eddie [Kitsis] and Adam [Horowitz, the show’s executive producers,] that they kind of put a slant on whatever world that they create. They take these stories that we know and that we’ve grown up with and twist them in some sort of way to make them slightly different, so people can expect to see a slightly different Neverland than you would have before and with that, you’re gonna see a slightly different take on The Lost boys then you would imagine.

Access: Will we get to see you in present day Storybrooke? Greg and Tamara are ready to trigger the failsafe!

Colin: Yes.

Access: Last time, Regina betrayed Hook, Hook betrayed her too… Can we expect him to be the wild card in this episode?

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Colin: Hook kind of tends to be in it for himself and he sort of goes about his business trying to basically — he’s [been] motivated by his revenge for so long that it’s difficult for him to let go of that, but he does have the potential to be, I guess, a different person and you sort of get to see a little bit more complex Hook in the finale and I think that’s pretty much all I can say. But I think people are going to be interested to see how he is gonna interact with the people in modern day Storybrooke.

Access: The fan community came out in force for you when you became part of the show. What has it been like this year [to experience that]?

Colin: I’ve had a great time. He’s such a great character to be able to play and I just get to have fun with it. … Sometimes I’m amazed that people get upset with him being kind of a nasty character, when in actual fact, he’s Captain Hook (laughs). You know what I mean? But it’s just been fantastic. It’s such a great show to work on. He’s such a great character. It’s just a blast, to be honest.

Access: You’ve probably never seen so many artistic portraits of yourself in your life. You’ve seen a lot of them, I assume?

Colin: I have seen a lot. I’ve reTweeted a good few. I’ve had to kind of stop reTweeting them because there’s quite a few [that have] come in. … It’s amazing that people take the time to do that. Some of them are absolutely incredible. … It’s amazing how talent people are.

Access: So what are your plans for the summer? Gigs with your band? Are you thinking of Comic-Con?

Colin: I’ve had to bow out of the band because of working on the show, but yeah, just take it easy, spending time with my wife and seeing my family and I’d love to go to Comic-Con. I’ve always wanted to go. I’m kind of a bit of a nerd so I’ve always wanted to go to Comic-Con, so that would be great if that were to happen. But yeah, just take it easy and relax.

The Season 2 finale of “Once Upon A Time” airs on Sunday night at 8/7c on ABC.

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