Once Upon A Time: Josh Dallas On Charming’s Secret Injury & His Potential For A Bromance With Hook

Josh Dallas’ Prince Charming is now keeping a dangerous secret on ABC’s “Once Upon A Time.”

At the end of Sunday night’s new episode, his character lifted up his shirt, revealing he had been cut by one of the Lost Boys’ arrows in their Neverland fracas, an arrow that was laced with deadly dream shade.

As Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) had forewarned, the milk of the dream shade plant can lead to a very painful death, and when ABC flew Access Hollywood up to the show’s Vancouver set, where they made us their guests, Josh explained how the cut will affect Charming/David.

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“Massively,” he said to a question Access posed during a chat with reporters about the battle injury. “It’s a huge secret. … As we know, dream shade is a nasty, nasty thing so he’s gonna have a very large secret… on his mind and he’s gonna keep that from everyone.”

“I think the great thing about this first half of the season, for everyone, and particularly for David, now that we go forward after what you’ve seen, is what that does to his integrity and how he then compromises his integrity and for what means does he compromise his integrity,” Josh continued. “And what’s great about this first half of the season is that we all this common goal, this common goal to get Henry and we all have these obstacles, which are really ourselves and Peter Pan, of course. So… it’s about how he goes forward with this and how he’s gonna get out of it. It’s going to continue over a few episodes. It’s bad news. It’s real bad news.”

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Added to that is the constant conflict between Charming/David and Captain Hook, who Josh’s character can’t stand for a host of reasons. He’s lied, schemed and double crossed, and the Jolly Roger captain has been hitting on Charming’s daughter, Emma, too. There is also the struggle for leadership between not just the two men hoping to find Henry in Neverland, but the women — Emma, Snow and Regina.

“All these characters are leaders in their own right, so they all have very specific [ideas] of how to do something,” Josh said. “Hook is a veteran of Neverland, so he’s going to know things about the island that certainly David doesn’t know. So, at times he’s gonna have to stand back and listen to that thing and listen to what’s going on and who knows, maybe, as we go forward, maybe there’s the greatest, most beautiful bromance you’ve ever seen in your lives, but you’re gonna have to keep watching.”

“Once Upon A Time” Season 3 continues Sunday at 8/7c on ABC.

-- Jolie Lash

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