'Once Upon A Time': Lana Parrilla On The Maid Marian Problem, 'Frozen'

Regina just can't catch a break lately on "Once Upon a Time." Just when it seemed like things were finally settling down in Storybrooke for the (not so) Evil Queen, the wife of her true love came to town, courtesy of Emma Swan.

In the ABC drama's Season 3 finale, Maid Marian, Robin's wife, entered the picture (surprise, Regina! Marian's alive and now in Storybrooke), and threw a giant wrench into the Regina/Robin romance.

"I don’t know what's gonna happen and I don't think Regina does either," Lana told Access Hollywood over the weekend at Comic-Con. "I think she's just gonna take some time to sit with this broken heart and figure out how to mend it."

And, Lana suspects Regina may need to come up with a strategy for things, especially considering (as fans of the series know) Robin is Regina's true love.

"I think Regina is going to really have to come up with a good plan, figure out how to deal with Maid Marian and also her feelings for Robin Hood," Lana said.

Emma (Jennifer Morrison) is the one who brought Marian to Storybrooke, and that seems like the spark that will reignite the conflict between Henry's two moms.

"Just when you thought they were becoming friends, this happens," Lana said. "I think Regina's grown a lot, and I think she genuinely knows that Emma made a mistake, but so did Snow and she was young. I don't think Regina's that understanding or that forgiving."

In the fourth Season of "Once," Elsa from "Frozen" is coming to town (she was briefly featured at the end of the Season 3 finale), but Lana isn't worried that the newest Disney queen will cause Regina much trouble.

"I don’t think Regina's intimidated by this 'Frozen' character," Lana, who has not yet filmed scenes as Regina, opposite Elsa (Georgina Haig), said. "Elsa's power is snow. It's ice. Regina's is fire. I think she may have her beat.

"All she needs to do is create a fireball and melt this snow, so I’m hoping that's how she gets out of it," Lana laughed.

"Once Upon a Time" returns for Season 4 on September 28 on ABC.

-- Jolie Lash

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