Out Of Rehab, Tara Conner Hits Fashion Week

A new, uplifting Miss USA invited Access Hollywood backstage at the Tadashi show during Fashion Week. Before her runway debut, Tara Conner talked openly to our own Tim Vincent about her recovery.

?Once people stop drinking they get a clarity about their life. What clarity have you achieved?? Vincent asked the beauty pageant winner.

?Just being able to get up and do my day ? the smallest things possible,? Conner replied. ?It was always so hard for me to do small, simple things but today I was up I was ready.?

On Thursday, 21-year-old Tara owned up to alcohol addiction and cocaine use to Matt Lauer. She also alluded to dealing with abuse in her family, early on in her life.

Tara Conner’s Fashion Show

?I will not deny that I have witnessed some abuse,? she told Lauer on “Today. "

?What?s your final statement on that?? Tim asked regarding the abuse claim.

?It?s something I?d like to keep private between my family and I,? Conner replied.

Tara told Access she hasn?t seen her family since rehab. Now she is projecting a new, wholesome image with Miss Teen USA, Katie Blair.

The roommates were accused of lustily kissing each other and Mothers Against Drunk Driving dropped the eighteen-year-old Katie as their spokesperson due to underage drinking.

Meanwhile, precautions are being taken at fashion week. ‘No Smoking’ and ‘No Drinking Under 21’ signs were prominently displayed backstage.

At the show, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA made their big entrance with designer Tadashi gracefully walking out to applause.

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