‘Outlander’ Recap: Episode 3 – A New Enemy & A New Hope

As Claire Beauchamp worked to focus on her life as a healer at Castle Leoch in Starz’s latest episode of “Outlander,” the time traveler found herself making a dangerous new enemy.

And from dodging Geillis Duncan’s (Lotte Verbeek) nosey questions, fending off Dougal MacKenzie’s (Graham McTavish) insults, and getting jealous over Jamie McTavish’s (Sam Heughan) intimate moment with a young lady, Claire had her hands full as she experienced life in 1743.

Here’s how things played out in “Outlander” Season 1, Episode 3 – “The Way Out”:

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“Woe but I the man that stands between you and what you set your mind upon.” – Frank Randall

1940s – A Goodbye

It’s World War II in this “Outlander” flashback sequence and Frank and Claire Randall are parting on a train platform. He’s been trying to use his connections to get her orders changed, but the headstrong Claire won’t have it. “Darling, it will be all right,” she tells him, her big blue eyes, staring into his big brown ones. “I’ll be all right, I’m sure of it. You have to trust me on this.” He does. “Woe but I the man that stands between you and what you set your mind upon,” Frank says. “Damn, if that stubbornness isn’t what I find so attractive about you.” The pair part as Claire goes off to the frontlines of the conflict. “Welcome to the 20th century,” she quips.

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“I seem to have fallen through time.” – Claire Beauchamp

1743: A Confession?

It’s morning and Claire is bathing with a little help from Mrs. Fitz, who marvels at her “unmarked skin.” “Your next husband’ll be a lucky man,” she observes. A kinship having developed between them, Claire decides to open up about her husband. “He hasn’t been born yet,” she tells a confused Mrs. Fitz. “I seem to have fallen through time,” Claire adds, explaining what happened at Craig na Dun. “I’m not an English spy. I’m from the future,” she adds. Mrs. Fitz backs up. “Be gone, evil demon! … Witch! Witch,” Mrs. Fitz screams.

But it’s just a daydream, and not real. Claire snaps out of it to hear Mrs. Fitz going on about the upcoming gathering. “‘Tis where all the MacKenzie men throughout the Highlands come and plight their oath to the clan and Himself,” Mrs. Fitz explains, noting that if Claire does good work as the MacKenzie healer during the event, she might get in Colum and Dougal’s good graces.

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After taking the morning to go through Davie Beaton’s things in the surgery, Claire (who now has permanent watchdogs Angus and Rupert trailing her) heads up to the kitchen, where she sees a disturbance take place. Shona, Colum’s chambermaid, is distraught. Her son just died after a “demon” got into him during his visit to monastery ruins known as the Black Kirk. Before Claire can get more information, a young man comes in to get her for Colum.

“Sometimes I wonder what I did to make the devil punish me like this.” – Colum MacKenzie

Getting To Know Colum

Upstairs, in Colum’s chamber, Claire finds the Laird scolding a tailor, who made his coat too long. “Did your wife’s people encourage you to mock your Laird?” Colum asks angrily. “I just thought–,” the tailor says, trying to come up with an excuse. “That my legs should be hidden? That I have something to be ashamed of?” Colum shouts. Pulling out a blade, Colum orders the tailor to make him a standard size coat by the following day. The man leaves, thankful for his life.

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Spotting Claire in the doorway, Colum starts to disrobe. He wants Claire to take up massaging his legs (Beaton used to do it). “What’s wrong, do you find my legs as repellent as the tailor does?” Colum asks when he spots Claire looking him over. Actually, no. She thinks its better to massage the base of his spine. Colum pulls up his shirt to reveal his bare buttocks, Claire pauses. “Don’t tell me my ar** offends you too?” he asks. She smiles and begins her work. Colum uses the moment to discuss Shona and the young boy taken by “demons.” He too is scared of what can happen at the Black Kirk, and talk quickly turns to Colum’s own condition. “Sometimes I wonder what I did to make the devil punish me like this,” he says. Getting no reply from Claire, Colum asks her if they have demons in Oxfordshire. “We do. But we call them Scots,” she quips.

“It’s not me he fancies.” – Laoghaire MacKenzie

A Concert With Jamie

Standing in the great hall, Claire sips her Rhenish. “My brother looks very well tonight. He says it’s down to you and your healing touch,” Dougal MacKenzie tells Claire as he joins her. She was happy to help, Claire notes. “Aye, it seems like the feral cat we picked up on the road is trying to pull in her claws,” Dougal replies, indicating he’s clearly no closer to trusting her.

Seeking kinder company, Claire joins Laoghaire MacKenzie on a bench. They chit-chat until Jamie comes in. “That’s quite the fine figure, Mr. McTavish,” Claire says. “But it’s not me he fancies,” Laoghaire replies, revealing to Claire her Jamie crush as he comes over over and sits between them.

In front of the crowd, Gwyllyn the Bard (Gillebridge MacMillan) starts to sing. Enchanted by his voice, Claire asks about him. Gwyllyn has been around since Jamie spent time at Leoch as a teen. “I remember when you were here before,” Laoghaire tells Jamie. “Do you not remember me from then?” she asks. “No… I don’t think so,” he replies, crushing the poor girl.

With the concert nearly over, Jamie asks Claire for assistance. “This dressing’s been chafing me for days. Would you mind helping me with it?” She agrees and Jamie hands Laoghaire his empty glass before following Claire to the surgery.

“I dinnae need your help. I just thought I should see you back to the surgery while you could still walk upright,” Jamie says when they arrive. In truth, the wound has been irritating him, and Claire wonders why he didn’t tell her at the stables. He didn’t want Old Alec to see his scars, Jamie explains. “I think if Alec were to see the scars, he couldn’t see me anymore without thinking of my back,” he adds.

But she saw them. “You seem to have a knack for letting me know you feel sorry for it without making me feel pitiful about it,” Jamie shares. A tender moment passes between them, and Jamie cuts it short by suggesting he should leave. She stops him near the stairs and undoes the ties around his neck. Quickly, things get a little cozy again. “Take those bandages off in a few days,” Claire says, trying to remain professional. “As you say,” he answers. She nods at him and says goodnight.

“You believe in the powers of magic, do you not?” – Geillis Duncan

Another Warning From Geillis

Outside Castle Leoch the next morning, Claire runs into Geillis, who reveals that Father Bain will be performing an exorcism on Tammas. The young man (Mrs. Fitz’s nephew) went with Shona’s son to the ruins and now he’s been “seized with the same evil” too. “Do you not believe in demonic possession, Claire?” Geillis asks when Claire gives her a funny look. “Demon, fairy, devil, it doesn’t matter what name we put on them. But you believe in the powers of magic, do you not?” the redhead asks her new friend. Claire doesn’t address the question, instead suggesting that together, they could help him. “People believe the boy is possessed, Claire. You challenge that at your peril. I’ll not go near him and neither should you,” Geillis warns the Sassenach.

Going to see Tammas without her, Claire finds the boy tied down (due to demons, Mrs. Fitz says). Once Father Bain arrives, Claire’s suggestions for care are discarded.

Later, back inside Leoch, Claire sits down with her worries, but hearing a chuckle coming from near the staircase breaks her concentration and she turns to see Laoghaire and Jamie kissing. Briefly, Jamie opens his eyes and sees Claire, who quickly turns away. He goes back to his smooch.

“He needs a woman, not a lassie.” — Murtagh

Claire’s Jealous Moment

“Your lip looks a little swollen, Jamie. Did you get thumped by a horse?” Claire asks the Highlander from across the dinner table. A little more teasing prompts him to put his boot on Claire’s shoe, but she kicks it off, forcing him to spill his glass, irritating Murtagh. Making up an excuse, Jamie leaves. “If you’re teasing the lad about Laoghaire, if her father or Colum comes to know about it young Jamie could get more than a bloodied nose,” Murtagh tells Claire. “Like a wife?” she asks. “Maybe. That’s not the wife he should have. … He needs a woman, not a lassie. And Laoghaire will be a girl until she’s 50. I’ve been around long enough to know the difference very well. And so do you, mistress,” Murtagh says, leaving Claire to sit there alone and ashamed. She admits watching Jamie and Laoghaire made her miss Frank.

“You wouldn’t expect me to be less bold than a wee Sassenach lassie, would you?” – Jamie

18th Century Village Justice

While stocking up for the gathering at Geillis’ the next day, Claire learns more about Father Bain. “He takes the view that every woman since Eve is a born temptress who should be beaten daily by her husband to keep evil at bay,” Geillis notes.

A commotion outside stops their chat. Father Bain is dragging a young boy to Arthur Duncan (Geillis’ husband) to determine his punishment for stealing. He’ll likely lose his hand, Claire learns. She tries to use reason and logic on Arthur (who has a loud and grumbling digestive system), but he doesn’t care. Hoping to impress Claire, Geillis cozies up to her spouse and charms him into a lighter sentence – “one hour in the pillory and one ear nailed.” Looking out the window, Claire can only watch as the poor lad’s ear is nailed to the pillory. Unaffected by the scene outside, Geillis goes back to probing Claire, when there’s a knock at the door. It’s Jamie, there to fetch her. “Mistress Beauchamp was just about to tell me of her unusual upbringing. … Why don’t you have a glass of port and listen in?” Geillis asks. But, bad luck for Geillis. Jamie catches Claire’s “get-me-out-of-here” look and makes an excuse for them to leave.

Seeing the poor boy still nailed to the pillory as they head outside to pack up, Claire asks Jamie for help with a little scheme. To distract the crowd, Claire fakes fainting while Jamie yanks the nail out to free the boy (Geillis watches from the window).

As they pack to leave, Claire thanks Jamie for taking the risk. “You wouldn’t expect me to be less bold than a wee Sassenach lassie, would you?” he smiles. But, she’s got another favor to ask — a trip to the Black Kirk.

Jamie went there as a young man, he tells Claire at the ruins. Back then, he and his friends would occasionally eat wood garlic or berries if available. It’s a clue and Claire solves the problem. The demonic-possessed boys ate Lily of the Valley, which looks just like wood garlic. Knowing how poisonous it is, Claire rushes back to Tammas.

“Satan may like to make a fool of God, but God will have the last word.” – Father Bain

A New Enemy

Things are bad for poor Tammas, who the Father is blessing, when Claire barges in. “I think I can save his life,” she says, explaining that young Tammas ate the poisonous plant. “You are not ordained to drive away the demon. Now leave this house this instant,” the Father spits back at Claire. But it’s up to Mrs. Fitz who stays, and she chooses her new friend. Giving the youngster a belladonna concoction brings the boy back from the brink. Father Bain is furious. “Satan may like to make a fool of God, but God will have the last word,” he says, storming out.

“I stood upon the hill and the wind did rise and the sound of thunder rolled across the land.” – Jamie for Gwyllyn the Bard

No Longer Just A Folk’s Tale

Having saved Tammas, Claire now has the reputation of being a miracle worker, and she gets looks from the people of Leoch when she enters the hall. As she stands at the back, Claire worries she’ll never be able to leave.

“Over here,” Jamie says, rushing up to her. “Did you not see me waving? I nearly reinjured my arm.” Dragging her over to a good vantage spot, Jamie translates Gwyllyn’s lyrics. He’s singing a folk tale about a something that happened on the eve of Samhain. “The stones seem to say, I stood upon the hill and the wind did rise and the sound of thunder rolled across the land,” Jamie translates. “I placed my hands upon the tallest stone and travelled to a far, distant land.”

“But one day, I saw the moon came out and the wind rose once more, so I touched the stones, and traveled back to my own land and took up again with a man I had left behind,” Jamie translates. Smiling, Claire realizes it’s not a folk tale at all and she’ll do anything to get back to the stones.

“Outlander” airs Saturdays at 9 PM on Starz.

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