‘Outlander’ Stars On Jamie & Claire’s Disagreement, Murtagh’s New Romance?

pressures of Paris are taking their toll on Claire and Jamie
Fraser in “Outlander.” 

In the
latest episode – “Useful Occupations and Deceptions” – Jamie
connected the French minister of finance, Duvernay, with Prince Charles Stuart
at a brothel in an attempt to get him to tell the exiled royal that King Louis
XV has no interest in helping the Stuart cause. Bonnie Prince Charlie though,
had secrets up his finely decorated sleeves. He revealed he has secured sizable
investments in his goal – to get his father on the English
throne – and offered an alliance with England if France sides with
and supports his family. 

After the
blow to his own secret plan (to dissuade Charles), Jamie returned to his
current Parisian home where he planned to talk about the twist with
his wife, Claire, but she was out. Sometime later, she came in feeling invigorated
after her first day of working as a volunteer alongside Mother Hildegarde
(Frances de la Tour) and the little dog, Bouton, at a hospital, where
she was treating the sick.


A thrilled
Claire shared a recap of her day, but while hearing her story, Jamie grew
frustrated. “How will lancing boils and tasting urine help us save
Scotland?” he asked her.  

Claire, who
can’t come along on those brothel trips with Jamie and the Prince, tried to explain
that she was doing good and finding some purpose by helping people — work she
is called to do — but Jamie couldn’t see things from her perspective. “When
do I get to find meaning in my day?” Jamie asked before walking off,
another difficult moment in the couple’s Season 2 relationship.

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Balfe, who plays Claire said that, “under a different circumstance, Jamie
would have understood exactly.”  

The conflict between the characters though, reflects the tough time they both are
continuing to go through. 

think they’re two people just very frustrated at their circumstance. Neither of
them are happy. France has not been the fresh new start that they wanted,”
the actress said. “I think of it as like this beautiful plate of really
tropical, juicy fruit and it just all starts to rot in front of them. And I
think that Claire has a calling. Jamie has a calling too. Jamie is a warrior,
he’s a soldier. Claire is a healer, and she’s a professional woman. She’s used
to feeling purposeful and useful and the fact that he scolds her for that is
such a wound to her because she’s like, ‘You’re the man that understands me.’
Like, ‘You’re the person who gets me, and you don’t understand this?’ But it
just speaks to where they’re at. I think they’re just both on their own private
torment, their own private little hellish journey.” 

Sam explained
what Jamie’s reaction stemmed from.

Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser, Frances de la Tour as Mother Hildegarde and Caitriona Balfe as Claire Fraser in ‘Outlander’ Season 2, Episode 3 — ‘Useful Occupations and Deceptions’
Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser, Frances de la Tour as Mother Hildegarde and Caitriona Balfe as Claire Fraser in ‘Outlander’ Season 2, Episode 3 — ‘Useful Occupations and Deceptions’ (Starz)

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doing everything against [what] feels right for him,” Sam told Access, referring to his character working secretly to stop the Jacobite Rebellion from happening.
“He’s not being himself. He’s having to be deceitful and deceptive and it
doesn’t sit right with him.” 

sees her going off and doing something that she enjoys and it’s not for the
mission and he would rather not be there at all,” Sam continued. “But
obviously, yeah, if he was to sit down and actually discuss it with her — but
they’ve lost contact with each other.” 

While the episode
featured some difficult moments, it also had offered some lighter scenes,
including the introduction of Fergus, the adorable pickpocket, and a few involving

constant companion, Murtagh, has a bit of a romance going on this season with
Claire’s lady’s maid, Suzette. 

brilliant,” Sam said, smiling over those Murtagh moments. “I just
love him so much and his character really flourishes in Paris, which you
wouldn’t expect him to, in a way. But he does get a bit of a dalliance there. I
mean, is it long term? Who knows, but it’s great. It is really fun and it does
provide some — he’s not the comedy, the light relief, but it’s nice to see
more of him and he’s always been Jamie’s right hand man and his closest ally, apart
from Claire, so it’s great to see him get some down time.”  

continues Saturday nights at 9 PM ET/PT on Starz. 

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